Alcatel One Touch Smart Watch

Alcatel announced its first smart watch. It will be a low-budget, even though the price still is not publicly known, a design reminiscent Moto 360 and is called Alcatel Wave.

Alcatel One Touch Smart Watch

The promise of the French company “attractive price” has led to speculation that Alcatel Wave will be sold under $ 200. Such price may well be the key factor for future success of this device.

According to official information, the clock will work with the operating system Android Wear and is fully compatible with Android smartphones and tablets.

Wave applications will allow the user to monitor their daily activities and activities, including heartbeat, number of steps taken, listening to music, take pictures and receive notifications from social networks.

Furthermore, by Alcatel promises smart clock is available in many different variants of appearance. Cover the part of the versions will be plastic, other – metal.

More details on Alcatel Wave expect the annual CES show in Las Vegas next week: