Accessories That Will Triumph This Summer 2013: How to Survive The Heat?

We bring you a new installment of our basic of summer this time features to Accessories. If we think of the winter we imagine with hats, scarves and gloves, go heat, but if we think in the summer do complements what you come to mind?

The answer seems to be easy, up to a “Miss” in search of his band without fear could answer it wrong and repeat things that confused invented the confusion. Caps, hats or glasses that will win you this summer.

Round glasses: is there life beyond the polarized?

We know that the season rush is in mirror sunglasses and a few days ago we teach you plenty of options. Another alternative to this summer 2013 are round sunglasses. Modern and full of personality. Do you pondríais it you? These are of Spitfire.

We know that futuristic style It will not fit in the same way in men, but if you are tired of so much color in the polarized, this may be a second option.

Caps that succeed are those of the flat visor

Gone are the times in which doubled the visor, now are flat and very wide and this summer we’ll see a lot. The prints and colors will begin in our heads. Much caution when combining them!

We have from those dedicated to the superheroes of the brand New Era… You of who you are? Batman or Superman?

Until the flower that we found in Obey…

Passing through some more basic that offers us ASOS.

We cannot forget our hats

The straw hats they come back every summer because what deceive us, they are the most comfortable and fresh. Perfect to take them to the beach, the classic material is combined with modern prints as the Paisley.

And if that refreshes…

We go to the sea for inspiration with these Zara scarf. Perfect to combine with t-shirts in the nights cool.