AIDA-Challenge and action Day: The Actions Are Completed

Aidaprima challenge

Ready, set, ship! For this extraordinary event, readers, Our site invites eight readers, which compete the Raab style at the water slides with time-keeping or in the ship’s climbing on the aidaprima cruise ship in the port of Hamburg in the blow. The application is possible until July 31, 2016. Who guessed the competition series on board the latest AIDA cruise ship such as the ingredients in the food at the exclusive search challenge or at the mini golf game that collects the most points, must choose first one of eight top smartphones. This is for each participant the O2 LTE high-speed fare blue all in L, which allows for 12 months completely free to use. And the O2 network itself plays also an important role: the challenge is transmitted via Facebook live. Learn more about the aidaprima challenge you find here.

Jochen Swiss action day

Jochen Swiss action day is devoted to the elements. Five couples to a hotel accommodation apply until 14 August 2016 as a two team Our site invites to vineyards in the Eifel including catering. On your day of action by buggy, landing craft, amphibious vehicle and on a helicopter flight are on the way. So not only you, but also the O2 network tired can get action, the teams keep up, sign part video telephony, navigate the routes of mobile and download their most beautiful impressions of land, contact via their smartphones during the day to water and from the air in the Internet. All participants top smartphones are waiting for L, it may use for 12 months free of charge in addition with the O2 tariff blue all in. More info about Jochen Swiss action day you find here.

Test your mobile network

Surfing speed of your cellular network identify with the free our site-network test app. To find out how good is the network of O2, all readers should take. So our site can compare picture quality of the O2 network with the competition from T-Mobile and Vodafone. Download for the free app our site network test for Android, ios, or Windows phone. Check the speed of your mobile radio network then everywhere where no Wi-Fi is available.

Download: our site network test as the iphone version (free)
download: our site network test as the Android version (free)
Download: our site Network Test for Windows Phone (free)