Alternatives to The USB Cable Apple Lightning. Perfect to Take with Us over

The need for the our iPhone or iPad cable, or for your load and data synchronization, always with us it can be a little uncomfortable. But, mainly, why so much breakage before it should be. Looking for alternatives I find three accessories coming us perfect to many of us.

Moshi Xync

Accessory type carabiner, Moshi Xync includes one port USB retractable more connector lightning attached to 10 cm long attachment. Extras include, under its housing compartments for SIM cards (nano and micro) extra in addition to the attachment to remove the SIM tray is included with Apple. 39.95 EUR.

Mophie Memory Flex

Only 10 cm in length, Mophie Memory Flex is an interesting and comfortable option in addition to heavy duty. It is one of the best options to carry comfortably in your pocket. Of course, that it is also easy to lose it. Your price, 24,95 EUR.

USB to Amazon Basic lightning

And if you want something cheaper, AmazonBasics. They have a very simple 10 cm cable. Basic, uncomplicated and without any kind of design or extra functionality. Your price, 11.99 euros.

There are other alternatives such as Vojo Magnet USB cable that costs $19.99 or Nomadkey among many others. It is only to find that you enjoy and find you comfortable. And let that includes our iPhone or iPad at home.