Analysts Are in Agreement: IPhone Sales Have Fallen in The Next Quarterly Balance Sheet

It seems to the “tallest towers fell” not escaping anything, and nor much less the business world in the mobile industry. During the past year in fact we saw who were giants dragged months and months of negative, as HTC or BlackBerry balances. In addition, began to look a threat that now seem clearer analysts: is 2016 year that iPhone sales recorded falls for the first time in history?

Recently Samsung presented its balance sheet for the last quarter of the year fiscal 2015, in which, despite the cryptic that tend to be companies to clarify the issues of these reports, it was deduced that their top sales had not been expected and below. Thus, according to these analysts it may something similar happen to its antagonist this year.

The union makes the strong prediction

Analysts figure is a constant talking about Apple since the company was part of the global economic elite, and their opinions are emerging like mushrooms above all to approaching the hour of making numbers and report them publicly. And on this occasion it has been Gene Munster who has compiled the pools of his colleagues and they agree not to be too hopeful.

According to Business Insider, the last seven reports submitted by analysts of reference in terms of economic balance that Apple will present on January 26 indicate that there will be a drop in the number of iPhones sold. This would not be rather striking if not because the technology giant has never before posted a fall in this aspect.

The River could have sounded

Something hard to believe when during 2015 were jumping the holders of records in sales of the Apple smartphone, and in fact in the last balance sheet presented (that of the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015) precisely was the iPhone is that pulling truck selling 22% more than in the same period last year. Although BI in addition remember the fall in the value of the shares of Apple that was in 2015, namely a 26%.

Figures would be that company Cook would have to overcome to smile in a triumphal way to the pessimism of analysts? If you rely on what has been achieved in 2015 (according to the report submitted in October after finishing the fourth fiscal quarter of 2015), this would be references:

  • Total sales of iPhones in 2015: 231.218.000 million
  • Sales in the same period a year ago (Q1 2015): 74.468.000 million
  • In the following period (Q2 2015) sales: 61.170.000 million (to be considered in three months)

And so is the pool that Gene Munster has compiled:


Total sales 2016

End Q4 (2015)

End Q1 (2016)

Gene Munster (Piper Jaffray) Between 75 and 76 million (2% increase) 55 million (down 10%)
Andy Hargreaves and Evan Wingren (Pacific Crest) 213 million (down 8%) 72.7 million (down 2%) 49.5 million (down from 20%)
Kulbinder Garcha and his team (Credit Suisse) 76.9 million (slight increase) 51.9 million (15% decrease)
Aaron Rakers and his team (Stifel) 74.7 million (remains) 56 million (down 8%)
Steven Milunovich and Peter Christiansen (UBS) 220 million (down 5%) 75 million (remains) 50 million (decrease of 18%)
Katy Huberty (Morgan Stanley) 218 million (down 6%) 74 million (down 0.6%) 52 million (15% decrease)
Tavis McCourt and Mike Koban (Raymond James) Between 224 and 229 million (minimum descent of 7.2%)

Why be pessimistic?

We see then that the seven teams agree down of data, although in some cases they have failed to achieve the forecast regarding the annual overview and the increments that are calculated are very modest. Thus, according to Munster, they consider will occur this fall by information from suppliers of Apple, that it would be reporting negative data regarding previous occasions.

If this group of groups of analysts is correct or not We will check it in a couple of weeks at least with respect to one of the data (the end of the first quarter of the fiscal year 2016). It would be a fact unprecedented but above all one sign more than evident that both the demand and the market are not at their best. In any case, it will be interesting to see the company’s strategy in the next few months.