Android and BlackBerry in 2016: It All Depends on The Privacy But Will Remain with The High Range, According to John Chen

Just yesterday we gave another twist to the recent economic performance of BlackBerry focusing on his latest release, the BlackBerry Priv, being of a business and turn a bet particularly strong considering the sector to which it is addressed and the situation of the company. A pitch that in fact will determine the future of this new strategy as explained by the own John Chen in an interview with Bloomberg.

The CEO of the Canadian company speaks of various aspects in relation to these latest rather bittersweet results, does not represent a change in the trend downward in recent months but have some positive aspects such as an increase in the price for sale. Bearing in mind also that the BlackBerry Priv carries little in the market, something which Chen stressed during the interview.

More performance, less acquisition

Purchases of companies (or parts of them) are relatively common in general and in the mobile market as we are accustomed (some more than others). There are more or less common in this, such as the giant Google or Apple (or are those who most “make noise”), but not only the companies of the podium go shopping.

In the last few months have seen as BlackBerry have continued acquiring companies Despite the fact that the numbers had not just out from years ago. Examples are purchases of AtHoc and Good Technology (dedicated to the mobile environment security), acquisitions that John said in the interview already have assimilated, but henceforth will focus on the efficiency of their work.

We do not rule out some purchase, but we will focus on growth and increase the efficiency of our work. More performance, less acquisition.

The legacy of the Priv

In order to continue presenting Android phones already, we have several tracks. Already perceive it with statements by Nader Henein, CEO of advanced security, and after the interview that Chen also gave to Fox Business. On this occasion the CEO specifies that it basically depends on the results of the launch of the BlackBerry Priv in three or four months.

It is early to think about the assessment of the strategy of the Priv. Now we will be launching in 31 countries in the next 3 months, so there is no change in the strategy […]. If the combination (of Android and BlackBerry) has good reception on the market (and gives us the impression that it will be), in the future there will be more terminals with Android. It will be for the 2016 (the fiscal year 2017).

In this regard, John brightens when asked if there will be a terminal BlackBerry with mid-range to Android they will continue to focus on the high-end, but they will contemplate the average. I.e., not they discard it all though apparently they would maintain the approach of the Priv, that both specifications and price is clearly focused for the high-end.

In terms of the results of the third fiscal quarter in relation to the BlackBerry Priv have already seen those 700,000 wasn’t too encouraging figure and less taking into account the far who are the 5 million sales annually (some 2.5 million are). In this respect the CEO says that do not focus on turnover, but on the margin.

Other routes

Chen again remember that BlackBerry is not only a manufacturer of mobile or much less. In addition to the software for these are also involved in the of the automobile industry, specifically in 15 models of car and its software is present in 16 million cars. He says that they have partnered with some companies in the sector in recent weeks and, when asked if there will be partnerships with Apple, Google or Tesla explained that currently already working with Apple Car and Google Car and that, although at the moment there is nothing in the air, you would love to collaborate with Tesla.