Android Nougat Lands on The 3 OnePlus and 3T, First Impressions

Just before the end of the 2016 announced that both the OnePlus 3 3T OnePlus were beginning to receive 7.0 Android Nougat next OxygenOS 4.0. We could do a party to celebrate that have met the deadline, something rare in the manufacturers release of an update, especially if is almost a change of version of Android.

A server, as holder of a OnePlus 3 mobile main, received this update the same December 31, so not I hesitate to upgrade to try the latest content offering and, incidentally, to count them and mention first impressions that I have had and whether or not recommended to upgrade.

Some of the changes in this update are: the arrival of the multi-view, change of design in menu settings and notifications, direct response from notifications, small improvements in Shelf and support to customize the DPI. It is not a huge amount, but, as I’m going to tell, it is noted.

Analysis of the OnePlus 3T video

Few cosmetic changes that go in favor of functionality

One cannot expect that, even if in the case of a change of version of Android, renewed completely the aesthetics of the interface. Certainly There are many cosmetic changes, but they are focused, above all, to provide us with the use of the smartphone and save some keystrokes.

A change, though small, can see in the settings menu, where, After get into any menu (sound, for example), you’ll see left three lines that hides a menu that allows you to go to any section of the settings without having to press the back button and return to search another site.

The notifications section has also suffered a small cosmetic change, as well as the speedy adjustments section which, in addition, has added the ability to add additional pages of icons. Before going down the notification bar, saw, moreover, all the settings, but now together with the notifications we only see a line of icons, having to drag again to see other settings.

Beyond this there is no big deal in terms of aesthetic changes, although there is, under each part of the adjustment, a line that tells you, if possible, a summary of how you have it configured. For example, in the screen section, just below it tells you if you have the automatic brightness on or off.

Most of the changes will be better, and they all work without problems

Something undeniable is that, with changes of Android version some functions can change the way that you can access them slightly, and with Nougat this is no different. For example, whenever you enable or disable the Wi-Fi network with expanded notifications shade, the networks list opens, and at the top, you have the switch.

With the data happens, only that It shows the number of megabytes you have used, the operator and the billing period. The same happens if you want to activate the energy saving, opens a screen that shows the time that has been unplugged and he estimates he has.

One of the most I’ve been waiting for is the split-screen, something that makes much sense in a 5.5-inch panel. To activate the You must configure one of the buttons to do certain action it run it. In my case I have it configured so engages to leave the button of recent applications (the option is called Split Screen).

The multi-view, which works perfectly, not allow customize excess size occupying each application, and can occupy half each one or a third of the screen one and the rest the other. To disable only you have to repeat the action made to activate it. The fluidity with which you move is complete, there are no complaints in this regard.

Equally well works the answer from the notifications, which, to see it extended, you only have to drag down the notification and will display the options you have. Something that caught my attention, even if it is a nonsense, is that you can set the status bar clock to display the seconds (at the end of the ‘Status bar’ section)

Is it recommended to upgrade?

From my point of view, the answer is a resounding Yes. No, at least since I started to try, any errors that come and bother you. If before the system worked well, it will now be equal or better, only you will have to adapt to those small changes I have mentioned and few more.

Don’t worry if you has yet the update being holder of a 3 OnePlus or 3T, because you will get more soon than later, and it will do so, if you are worried about security, with the latest patch, from December 2016. If you venture to upgrade, we hope that you enjoy it and, if in doubt, you can ask in the comments.