Androidify: Give a Personal Touch to Your Favorite Android

Android mascot has become, by its own merits, the hallmark of the operating system and by extension of its ecosystem. He is charismatic, charming, and is recognized perfectly. In short, an icon.

On more than one occasion sure that we’ve seen the green with another type of outfit Android or custom for some special reason. Aware of the success of your pet, now Google encourages us that we customize to Android application Androidify.

Following the wake of avatars for Xbox and Nintendo Miis Google has been taken out of the hat a nice creator of androids with many customization options.

The editor is really simple and uses very well the touch interface. Through simple movements, we can change the sizes of the different part of the Android and subsequently put various objects and change the color of skin or hair. In addition, if we don’t know where start we have an option to create androids in a completely random way.

As further detail then we can share your creations simple and fast way. Via e-mail, the different social networking apps that you have installed, and best of all: assign it to a contact on the agenda.

Personally this last seems a great success because not everyone has photos of your contacts in the phone’s phonebook. So there is no excuse for not removing the boring images by default and give a touch more cheerful and carefree.

Of course Androidify It is completely free and you can find it in the Android Market. Without a doubt, one of the applications most curious and entertaining to kill time and give it a more personal touch to Android.