Apple Already Would Be Testing Its Own Virtual Mobile Operator, According to Business Insider

Some of what has been said already above, both for being a logical as per scale of company step, is that Apple It would cover more even in the field of mobile betting on its own operator. Just above this information that now get the mobile operator of Apple would be in testing phase.

According to Business Insider points out, Apple would be testing the service now in United States. This new service still would be in a phase of negotiations, also with the operators of Europe so the operator arrived at both continents.

However, this does not mean that it is something safe and definitive. When it is finally done, is expected to be ready in a period of at least five years, According to sources of the own operators. According to these already years ago that there are negotiations between Apple and the phone companies.

Not in vain, in October 2006 Apple registered a patent for a service consisting of a virtual mobile operator. Another movement which also gave that talk in this sense after his presentation was Apple SIM, rather than as we saw will make it easier the operator change, although at the moment it is still only available for some iPads.

It was hoped

A logical step also in terms of competition concerns. While telephone operators sector is not direct competition, it is another giant, Google, and this has already done something more to show their cards with Project Fi.

In this way, the company would cover other basic service for at least part of the users, so that they would not have to resort to other companies and would have his contract line and data with Apple. Confirm or not, operators may be followed a few years without fearing that a new rival (and nothing modest) to the ground reaches game.