Apple Bowing to Taylor Swift Criticism

An open letter from popprinsessen Taylor Swift get Apple to change course with Apple Music remuneration.

Apple apparently generous introductory offer creates controversy in the music business. The initial 3 months of free streaming in Apple’s new streaming service Apple Music, would deprive the artists income during the introduction period.

The conditions got the other pop star Taylor Swift to grasp the pen and criticize Apple in an open letter to tech juggernaut. Under the heading’ for Apple, kærligst Taylor’s popdarlingen explained why her latest Album ‘1989’ will not be to find on Apple’s new streaming service.

Swift’s main argument is written on behalf of musikskabere in General, and points out unfair of having to work for no money. Swift writes: “Three months is a long time without pay, and it is unfair to demand that anyone having to work for free”

Apple bends – Swift pending

Although Apple already prides itself on sharing a greater percentage than rival streamingtjenester with music core, the criticism is not prællet of the Apple. Apple Vice President Eddy Cue, announced in a tweet this morning that Apple Music in the future will pay artists under users free trial.

The rapid response to the indictment has not fallen on deaf ears with popprinsessen, as in a Tweet thank Apple: ‘ I am both delighted and relieved. Thank you for your understanding. They have listened to us ‘

Even if Taylor Swift has convinced Apple to change course, according to reports from the news media Buzzfeed that she has not yet agreed to publish her latest album at Apple Music.

Apple Music will go in the air the 30. June and will get a Danish introduktionpris on 99.0-kr/month or $ 149/month for family subscriptions.