Apple Earns the Box on Watch-Rubber Strap for Overpriced

Sports strap in Apple Watch costing a mere 13 dollars to manufacture, but Apple sells it to a 34 times higher price, reveals an analysis Institute.

It’s no secret that Apple’s products are not among the cheapest. Therefore, there is also great interest to investigate what it actually cost to produce Apple products.

Now is the turn for the rubber strap in the sports Edition of Apple Watch 38 mm in size, as the analysis Institute, IHS, have looked after at the seams.

Here it turns out that Apple once again manages to take torrential with money for a product that is incredibly cheap to produce. In the German and French App Store, where the prices are most comparable with the Danish, koster sports strap as solved accessories 59 € equivalent to 440 dollars.

IHS ‘ analysis created for Reuters shows that during production only cost for the Apple equivalent, equivalent to $ 2.05 or puny 13 crowns. In the calculation is not included the costs of packing and shipping, which also follows the small costs of.

If you think that the price of 440 dollars is just in the over the edge of a rubber strap for Apple Watch, there are plenty of opportunities to find third-party straps for less money and in alternative designs from, for example, Monowear and MyCell.

Apple Watch examined by the same company

This is not the first time that IHS separates products ad to become smarter at what they cost to produce in relation to what the companies take for them and serve on of these.

Most recently it was Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which-not surprisingly-was sold with quite a big profit.