Apple Is Done with a Flexible Patent Which Opens Interesting Possibilities for IPhone and IPad

It seems that the United States Patent and Trademark Office is taking advantage of the summer to get rid of the work that had late with Apple and if in the past few days I have spoken of reversible USB connectors and smart home screens, today we find neither more nor less than 57 new patents that have been granted to the Apple company.

Among all, the most interesting by far is the 8816977 number for “Electronic devices with flexible screens” that describes how to use properties of this type of screens to hide under them actuators, buttons, switches, speakers or microphones among others. The first example is the of a iPhone with the button located under a flexible display, but it is only one of its applications.

Apple patent also contemplate the possibility of creating an array of actuators under the screen that could create bumps on its surface so that feel the buttons on the keypad as we write or an app icons even without looking at or before make the final push.

Flexible screens are presented as an option with more possibilities which they had initially foreseen.

The microphone and speaker are also susceptible to hide under the screen, either for expand the usable space to the maximum (e.g., for an iPhone with all the front dominated by the screen, free of the top and bottom frames), or to protect the internal components from dust or other elements by reducing their exposure to a minimum (fewer openings, less risk).

Finally, the vibrations caused by these speakers located behind the screen can also be used to create a haptic feedback, again, for allowing us to use the iPhone or the iPad under certain circumstances hardly look, simply through touch.

The patent was presented in June 2011 with Fletcher R. Rothkopf, Scott A. Myers and Stephen Lynch as its inventors, and although so far there is no indication that Apple has more immediate plans using flexible screens on their devices, arises definitely as an option with more possibilities which they had initially foreseen.