Apple Prohibits The Use of Hazardous Chemicals Production Plants

Much has been said of the conditions in which people work in factories of production and Assembly of Apple products, plants located mostly in China, same that have been targeted by several groups dedicated to the monitoring of human rights.

Five months China Labor Watch and Green America, Apple requested that do an investigation for abandoning the use of two potentially hazardous chemicals, as the son, benzene and n-hexane, which are associated with leukemia and nervous damage respectively. These chemicals are used as cleaning agent and solvent plants Assembly, mainly for the iPhone and iPad.

After four months of investigation, Apple has mentioned that evidence that benzene or n-hexane were putting at risk there were nearly 500 thousand workers of the 22 factories investigated, however, Apple has decided to prohibit both chemicals within the Assembly process of their products and thus prevent further damage.

Lisa Jackson, Vice President of environmental initiatives at Apple, mentions:

“We are doing everything possible to end the exposure to chemical substances and thus respond to all concerns. “We believe that it is very important to show leadership and really look into the future, trying to use environmentally friendly chemicals and with the people.”

On the other hand, Elizabeth O’Connell, Director of campaign Green America, who by the way were able to collect 23 thousand signatures to eliminate the use of these chemicals, mentioned:

“This is a good first step. I hope to continue with the Elimination of the most dangerous to human health chemicals or find ways to reduce exposure.”

It is hoped that with this decision, other manufacturers will follow the example of Apple to remove your plants these or other hazardous chemicals that may endanger the health of persons.