Apple Stands in Solidarity with The Victims of The Earthquake in China and Donate 1.6 Million of Dollars

Last Sunday, the Yunnan province in China, was affected by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale, unfortunately there are many material damage and human losses, which amounted to more than 600 people, with 230 thousand people evacuated and more than two thousand people in hospital for various injuries.

Many are the countries that have offered aid to China, as well as companies, now being Apple who has announced a grant of $ 1.6 million through Tim Cook to assist in the tasks of reconstruction.

For Apple, China is an important market, not only for sales that represents, but also because it is one of the leading manufacturers of components of the company, in addition to there have more than 6500 employees, which is why Tim Cook has sent a letter its workers broadcast regret for what happened:

Team,our deepest condolences to the people of Yunnan province which was hit by the 6.5 magnitude earthquake during the past weekend. The path of Longtoushan Township, which is where the epicenter of the earthquake, has been blocked by landslides, making rescue efforts are more difficult in the area. Apple is ready to help. We are making a financial donation to Mercy Corps and CFPA (China Foundation for the alleviation of poverty) to get supplies to those affected by the earthquake and help in any way in the recovery process. The tragedy in Yunnan province is in the minds of all of us at Apple and that Apple has more than 6,500 workers in China and Hong Kong, as well as a growing community of developers and deep ties with the workers in our supply chain that manufacture our products. At this point after the disaster, our thoughts are with all the victims and their families

Likewise they have put a message on the page of Apple in China.

As we can see, the donation will be made to Mercy Corps and CFPs (The China Foundation of Poverty Alleviation) who are from last Monday at the scene helping with the rescue, cleaning and reconstruction work.