Apple Start Promoting Beats between Customers of ITunes Via Email

From the purchase of Beats by Apple a few months ago we hadn’t seen too many signs of the integration of the musical company in Cupertino, just some pieces in the form of winks between the owners of companies and increases in the music service. That was until now, since Apple has put the third March and has begun to promote Beats via email among iTunes customers.

Email receiving Americans who have ever bought in iTunes is simple but direct. In it you can see interest that Beats is part of the Apple family, offering together with this Declaration an offer “just for you” and promoting the main characteristic of Beats: is able to learn from our musical tastes and show only songs that please us. Next to this is attached a link so that you download the application “for free”.

What is this movement? So it seems that Apple is taking calmly Beats integration in current Apple services. It is clear from Cupertino will respect the image that had Beats and aren’t going to make it, for now, something his. At the moment, because quite it is clear that evening or early Beats will become part of iTunes, like it or not the users of both platforms.