Apple Watch for Testing: Sporty and Intricately Luxury [Test]

Review: Apple’s sports Watch can almost everything, and it becomes too much of a good thing.

Wearables, and especially smart watches is no new invention. You go through the history books you will find wrist electronics with smart features dating back to the end of the nineties and the zeros. Followed you well with IT industry in 2003 do you remember maybe Fossils ‘ Wrist PDA’s?

Clock-the PDA gained recognition and was of more predicted as a future revolution. 2 years later it was Wrist PDA pulled by the market. It took several years and a smartphone revolution, before smartwatchen was to be revived.

Chokes you up to 2013, select project Pebble for the first commercial success. The small start-up with Kickstarter-background created a simple but useful clock, which would prove to be the most popular of his sales, and surpass the established manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony on the sales charts.

In 2014 took the development speed, Google introduced its Android operating system to Wear wrist computers, while Motorola proved that a smartwatch could adopt new exciting forms with its Moto 360.And Pebble rounded its first million units sold.

Meanwhile went tech-giant Apple quietly plans to conquer the world with my own wrists with Apple electronics. And the result was by Tim Cook and his team hailed as the next revolution. In the autumn of 2014 was Apple Watch is born.

Specifications Apple Watch

Goal: 38.6 x 33 x 10.5 mm/42 x 36 x 10.5 mm
Weight: 25 grams (sports), 40 grams (Watch), 55 grams (Edition)/30 grams (sports), 50 grams (Watch), 69 grams (Edition)
Display: OLED screen, 1.32 “326 PPI (272×340)/1.5” 326 PPI (312 x 390)
Glass: Ion-x (Sport), Sapphire Crystal (Watch/Edition)
Performance: 512 MB RAM, Apple S1
Battery: 205 mAh/246 mAh
Storage: 8 GB
Networking: Bluetooth 4.0 LE, NFC, Wi-Fi
Sensors: Gyro, compass, accelerometer, pedometer, optical pulse meter, light meter, dual-microphones
Moreover: requires iOS 8.3, available in silver, gold or matte black, IP67 water-and dustproof
Models: 10 Sports models, 20 Watch-models, 8 Edition-models
Price: sports: 3,100-3,900 DKK, Watch 5,400-9,999,-KR., Edition: 67.700-114.500,-kr.

Fine and small

There rests the so, Apple’s first totally new product class, since Tim Cook took over the helm after Steve Jobs. And thus the first Apple product in decades which are not built out from Jobs visions.

The white, minimalist packaging suggests, however, that Apple consider products as belonging to their established family of delicious carved electronics like iPad, iPhone or Macbooks.

When the clock is not in doubt, unpacked: this driver with Apple-DNA.

First surprise comes not from the design, therefore, but by the physical dimensions. It is the smallest and lightest 38 mm Sport variant I test. With goals at 38.6 x 33 mm and a fly weight of 25 grams of the clock alone is the undisputed the smallest and lightest smartwatch there can be purchased today. Don’t forget the pictures you’ve seen of the Watch, the watch is so far and looks less out reality.

The actual design, follows Apple’s requirements to the letter. Minimalism is the mantra, and brushed aluminum reigns. Here is the soft curves, with a display that gently dive into each side to join the rounded aluminium body.

Again provides photos of the clock is not really a true impression. The clock appears plump, but the profile of 10 mm is actually slimmer than anything else the smartwatch out there.

Goals alone makes the clock discreet and understated. But the design will undeniably parts water. My social circle has been generally positive, while individual sneer at the nose and complaining about a gadget-embossed design that doesn’t quite know how to approach the classic quartz movement.

Put up against rival smartwatches as Moto 360 or LG’s G Watch Urban, it is a new course as Apple sticks: an interesting direction that places itself between the major Android smart watches and larger fitnesstrackere as Sony Smart band Talk and Fitbit Surge.

Would you like to watch with more goods, you can instead turn you toward the more expensive Watch (or the ridiculously priced Edition in 18 carat gold). Here you will instead get a watch in stainless steel with 15 to 20 grams more heaviness. All the offal will remain the same, but Ion-X glass will be replaced by the extremely scratch-fixed, and dogs animal, Sapphire Crystal.


Apple Reinvents the urremmen

There seems to be a certain honor in reinventing the new plate at Apple. And it’s not always stupid to reconsider solutions that have so far taken as good items. That’s what Apple is doing with the strap.

The sportsrem is supplied in soft silicone, but scrap the small, notoriously fragile rods that are sticking to the strap. Instead be fastened the strap by running it through a chute on each side of the clock. A secure solution that simultaneously enables the remskifte in seconds-without the need for special tools.

The new strap also allows new possibilities with straps that can have a built-in battery as URf.eks. this here.

Another innovation is the very sports strap locking mechanism. On Watch Sports jams you strap into themselves, a mechanism that ensures that the strap does not flutter loose. It is safe, but requires a part getting used to before the clock can be taken off and on quickly.

A small but brilliant display

The next thing that POPs in our eyes is the screen. Although it is a stamp on 1.3 inches, it is a pleasure to look at. Resolution on 272 x 340 does not sound like much, but rows of Apple’s retina-default, and makes everything stand out sharply.

The greatest pleasure in the screen, however, is where contrast and colorful it is. It’s OLED technology behind the Panel and its characteristic opulent colors and contrast are present. At the same time, Apple is automatic lysjustering always spot on, then screen blazes right up to it and will auto-Dim indoor and outdoor. It means that the screen always is fully readable – which is not a matter of course in today’s smart watches.

Apple Watch store at the same time on some small sensors that detect what way clockwise turns. It makes that it knows how to turn on when you turn it to read the clock or check what your last notification is. It is extremely reliable, but takes half a second to heat up before the screen wakes up to life.


Few, but stunning clock faces

A Watch is, as the name implies, first and foremost, a clock. As in other smartwatches you can choose between different clock faces, but unlike URf.eks. Android Wear, you are referred to the meager selection of 9 clock faces that Apple includes with the Agency:

  • Utility: an alkaline round clock with 3 teachers and 3 info fields
  • Modular: a text-based clock with room for many and great info fields
  • Simple: a minimalist watch with 3 teachers and 4 small info icons in each corner
  • Exercise: a single clock with animated background
  • Astronomy: a single clock with Earth as animated background and 2 info icons
  • Color: a minimalist watch, with optional colors
  • Solar: a single clock with solfase
  • Chronograph: Chronometer clock with and 4 small info icons in each corner
  • Mickey: A Mickey Mouse watch for the young at heart
  • X-Large: a clock with extra-large readability

Love you, as I, to experiment with different clock types on smart clock, it is a pity that the Committee is so limited. I am glad, however, that Apple gives again by offering the ability to customize each clock faces, with so-called ‘ complications ‘.

For example, ‘ Simple’-theme go from a hyperminimalistisk view with only 3 trainers, or display the minute, hour and second markers supplemented with URf.eks. weather, date, calendar, battery and activity fields. Apple, however, promised last week that the new Apple clock faces will let loose in the autumn.

Crowning glory

Apple include many ways to operate the Agency. The screen supports touch input with more fingers than you can press on the microscopic screen and flanked by a button as well as the so-called ‘ Crown ‘.

The Crown is a jog-wheel which both can be clicked on, or Waleed up and down. With about 6 mm in diameter is the not always easy to hit and requires you to fintuner motor skills when you need to scroll or zoom with the. When you click it, acting almost as a home button, because it brings you back to the watch face.

Button under the Crown is mostly reserved for Apple’s vennefunktion. You can add up to 12 friends which appear on a circular disc from which you know a few clicks can call or send predefined messages to them.

The actual sound quality is high enough that it can be used indoors without having to bring the clock up to the mouth or ear. But it makes noise in the background, I would much rather fish your phone out of your pocket, since certain outcomes experienced.

Page button acts also when the power button is held down for a longer period of time. Here you Watch turns off or put it in sleep mode.

Last control option is in Force ‘ Touch ‘. By mase a little harder than usual, you can heave new features above. It is, however, not to see any place, when power-pressure is perceived – you have to try it out.


Before you get started

To Watch Apple has developed its very own operating system it connected Watch: Watch US. However, this does not mean that the clock can fend for themselves.

Although Apple Watch has its own brain of a CPU, is it so your iPhone along with Watch-app controls the Agency. In fact, you can delete the Agency before you’ve paired it with an iPhone and værtsapp’en. The application is standard with iOS 8.3 and requires that you have bluetooth enabled on your phone. It does so also to Watch will not work with either the Windows Phone and Android phones.

Værtsapp’en evokes many associations with iOS ‘ preference-app, both in opportunities, but unfortunately also in inconceivability. But it is a necessary evil, for Apple Watch accommodates a host of features that will be even harder to manage at mikroskærmen.

The actual mating of the Watch and the app takes only a few minutes. You can then dive into the configuration options as app-Committee which notifications must be passed to the wrist, as well as how both clock and apps should behave on the clock.

Semi-smart notifications

One of smartwatchenes most important tasks is to keep you updated. And the way Watch handles the flow of input from the outside world is successful.

A little red button indicates that notifications are waiting for you, and requires a flick down on the screen to list fills the screen with headlines on 4 lines that provide a quick glimpse into what is ticking in on the cell phone.

An extra click on the individual message opens, however, not the whole message, message or Facebook update that you must go into the app (if this is available to Watch) or have a hold of your phone. But only the ability to archive a perfunctory offer mail from agency will save you many unnecessary trips to the phone’s screen.


Apps in bonsai format

Apple includes 16 Watch-apps: Activity, Messages, Photos, Calendar, Contacts, maps, Mail, Music, Passbook, Reminders, Phone, Clock, Weather, friends and securities.

In addition to these, may third parties offer Watch extensions for their apps, here I have availed myself of Endomondo, EBay, Fotmob (football-updates) and Soundcloud.

You will have access to the many applications by clicking on the Crown where they all occur as a colorful M & Ms. The circular icons are so small that they are hard to hit and bluetooth connection can create bottlenecks and provide wait times of up to several seconds when new apps are opened.

Some apps also gives no sense. Photo app propagates up has 2.75 MB photos to the clock, and you will see the pictures are actual control quite snappy-but it is a fat, because who wants to look at photos in the stamp format now that the iPhone and its significantly larger screen is right at your fingertips?

With third-party apps, there is no reason for enthusiasm. As the start/stop button to Endomondo does it work excellent, after a little wait time-but the built-in heart rate monitor is not supported (yet).

Soundcloud, Fotmob and eBay experienced all as extremely limited variants of their iPhone counterpart.Soundcloud requires that you select a song on your phone before it will act as remote control. Fotmob can nothing in addition to show notifications, while eBay provides a stripped down overview of your activities. There is a long way to go before the developers get the best out of the Watch in their apps.

It is especially mikromål that makes the screen that I did not take advantage of applications that Apple hopes. The intricate operation makes that I usually catch myself in to pull the iPhone instead – for that is the experience just faster and better.

Some apps I see now a certain sense: for example, does the map app excellent as a signpost. Apple has mastered also to use Agency little vibrator to make a discrete jitter: 12 fast vibrations to turn right, and 3 times 2 shake to turn left.
In other words: the best apps are ones that requires minimal interaction with the screen.


Glances – the way forward

In the borderland between notifications and apps Apple introduces a third way: Glances – or ‘ sneak peek ‘ at the national Danish.

They are mini-apps like hives with a flick up and scrolled by flicking from side to side. Each glance can be turned off or to inside the Watch app and works brilliantly, by virtue of their simplicity.

There are 20 to choose from, among other things, music player, heart rate monitor, control panel, calendar and weather info. Common to them is that you only have a swype away, and most importantly, they do not need to wait for communication with the iPhone. This makes them really useful. Unlike apps expects and requires that they not, that you will need many seconds on them.
It is just a sneak peak, and in my opinion it’s a smartwatch should shine with. Otherwise, you might as well pull the smart phone.

Watch as training partner

Inside a Watch is hiding an arsenal of sensors which measure movements in all dimensions. Most evident is the circular heart rate monitor on the back where 2 large diodes shoots with green light is intercepted by two equally-sized cameras. The meter is classes larger than any other of its kind, and the result also operates in one or two leagues above the competition. It really does work.

To take advantage of the many data introduces Apple ‘ Aktivitet’-app that keeps track of today’s motion and alternately challenges and rewards you with some conclusion right objectives such as the incineration of 400 calories by easy exercise, a 30-minute workout and for standing up for twelve minutes long pauses in everyday life.

Depending on how ambitious you are with the training plan you can also screw up and down for goals to match your daily lives. Apple steps and activity counts have been shown to vote well with reality — without mistaking a game of table football or using the whisk with thousands of steps.

For walking, cycling or running Watch also offers workout data usually reserved for running watches with built-in GPS. The trick here is that you must first learn to recognize your time-and Apple Watch running rhythm together with your iPhone.

After 20 minutes of running is calibrated and the Watch now understand to put your run to a distance travelled with few percent accuracy — now you can leave your phone at home.

Taken in view of the fact that there is no GPS on board, it works more or less, but sometimes hit it a couple of hundred metres beside on a 5 km run. Great for joggers and the treadmill, but it will disappoint long-distance runners.

More advanced training regimens should you also do not expect: træningsapp’en will neither provide interval-or heart rate training and your route will of course not be apparent. At the same time, I regret that I can not export to more social træningsapps as Endomondo, Runkeeper or Strava.


Satisfactory battery

Apple is rich in features, and when Apple itself only promises 18 hours of use it is worrying. At the same time, the small 38 mm Watch is only ekviperet with a 205 mAh battery, I fear the worst, because it corresponds to approximately half of what smartwatches typical houses.
Let me say it with the same: there is no reason to panic.

Apple is adept at optimizing their hardware and they have obviously managed to squeeze the best out of the microscopic battery.
Even by actively use and with two hours of training, it is not managed to run out of power on a single day. Typically could Watch stay awake in the morning to the evening of the following day. It puts the Watch into the better half among smartwatches.

It is a good thing, for charging the ritual is a slow affair that can take up to two hours with the supplied wireless charger.

The actual charger is otherwise a nice size with a long cord and compact dimensions. It attaches magnetically and ensures that you do not have to mess with clumsy docks or small micro-USB ports.Sorry, maybe even to be expected when now it is Apple, the Watch is not compatible with other wireless Chargers. It is a shame.

When a smartwatch runs dry it quickly transformed into a stupid, indolent Dragon arm. The kind of embarrassing situations avoid Apple by offering a highly efficient sleep mode. When the battery hits 10% suggest Watch to go into hibernation which extends the operating time with 3 days. All functions except for the time display is turned well enough from, but completely dead is the so not.

What we don’t get in Denmark

Technically, Apple Watch not official released in Denmark. This means that you either have to get a friend or acquaintance to buy it for you abroad or buy it through our site which currently are the only ones who are importing agency into the country.

In addition, it creates a few limitations which surely will be corrected when Apple chooses to have Watch in its Danish portfolio. All Siri voice features are not supported, and you can, for instance, does not dictate a message clockwise.

Apple’s NFC-based payments Apple Pay is also not supported in Denmark. Yet.

[UPDATE] There has come an update which now allows Siri and voice control to clock on the Danish.


Watch US 2

Some of the issues that I experienced with Watch Apple is well aware of. At last week’s MWDC developer event lifted Apple giant therefore unveiled a new version of the Watch US as addresses the many small hiccups.

With Watch US 2, the clock will not be so dependent on the life line for iPhone. Watch will be able to go on the groom on their own via Wi-Fi and get its own app-selection, with applications that can be stored directly on the clock. It should certainly correct on the sometimes blunt communication between clock and phone.

At the same time, third-party developers access to more of the Agency’s functions. Your Endomondo Strava will henceforth be able to retrieve or heart rate data and include them in your list.

Watch US 2 will, however, require that you have iOS 9 on the cell phone. Both will debut in the fall.

Unnecessary luxury or sporty accessories?

A test of Apple Watch will not be complete without a strabismus. Where today’s smartwatches typically find themselves in price rented about two thousand crowns, breaks the Apple price wall. You should get between 3 and 10 thousand crowns to be Watch-owner-not to mention about the hysterical animal Watch Edition in real gold.

Apple Watch are therefore priced as a luxury product.

Luxury is hard to put in the formula. However, for luxury goods that they need to be seasoned with a good deal of mystery and uopnåelighed in order to justify that price and quality are no longer follows each other faithfully.

The Apple is well aware of, but it probably sounded so enticing for Tim Cook & co. that have believed that decouple the price and quality were worth. For example, by selling a Watch for more money than an iPhone.

With a quick look at the established watch-industry and luxury-the logic of the mind gives Apple Watch price more sense. However, I am not convinced that Apple as a brand can, and should, go into Rolex’s, Omegas or Breitlings footsteps. Mass production and luxury rarely rhyme.

That is why I have most scam to the tested Sports version in 38 mm. It remains expensive, but remain below the stratosphere, and Apple’s good quality and solid craftsmanship are still to be found in the very cheapest variant.


The verdict: good craftsmanship and too much of a good thing

With price discussion by the way, the focus is on the actual clock. Apple has managed to create smart clock of them all?

Both and.

I believe that Apple hits the spot with the physical dimensions and the understated exterior. This results in an extremely comfortable product with extremely successful hardware as the screen and heart rate monitor.

However, the same error as Samsung commits to Apple, Google and many other smartwatch producers by trying to cram more software than good is down. It makes the whole clock more complex than necessary. I wonder why Apple didn’t realize that something has gone wrong when user manual filling of 200 pages.

For a smartwatch applies its art. It becomes too complicated and heavy, tugging one mobile forward instead. Less is more.

Fortunately, Apple dishes partially up the experience by giving good and simple access to notifications, as well as sneak peek to key features. It is smart, and ultimately where Watch finds its justification – along with fitness facilities.

Watch Sport is therefore not always successful as smartwatch, but it can still be the clock for you, if you want to make use of the fitness facilities.

As fitness-tracker is a GPS-chip from being perfect to spar with, peppered with smart features, and therefore 5 stars worth. But as the smartwatch is the more complex and expensive than what the small screen can carry, which maximum deserves 4 stars. Therefore, countries must on average 4 ½ out of six stars.