Apple Will Have to Pay Ericsson a Percentage of Profits for Each IPhone Sold

New chapter in the war of the patents, but this time it’s just the usual one that stars today. After a victory (at least for now) from Apple regarding Samsung, that would touch him to pay compensation after the last court decision, this time It is the company of Cupertino, which will have to pay Ericsson. What is the reason for this resolution? Back at the beginning of year.

In this case it is a demand that the Swedish company filed last February to Apple in relation to the a series of patent infringement. Specifically, a total of 41, GSM, UMTS and LTE networks both iPhone and iPad-related. Ericsson undertook legal action in this respect in fact in several jurisdictions (various regions of United States, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands).

By mutual agreement

While the resolution of the conflict has happened now after about 10 months since Ericsson spouse the technology giant, he is not at this time of a dispute that is going to extend into years or hitch one accusation with another as is the case of the conflict of Apple and Samsung. How is he had intended, both companies have signed an agreement in this case the plaintiff-friendly.

There will changes be on iPhones? No, here it is not design gestures or aspects of the operating system, so none of this will play. The agreement shall be that Apple will pay a percentage of the benefit obtained by each iPhone or iPad sold over the next seven years.

The advantage of being the first

Years ago that Ericsson left its place as one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones to a background and others occupy its place after partnering with Sony for the construction of some lines. But is this antique which in this case was playing in its favour, since the company accumulated some 35,000 patents, most of them related to wireless technologies. In fact many companies already signed relevant agreements with Ericsson, but Apple was not one of these.

Hence, this end is not too unexpected, rather the opposite. What at the moment It is unknown the exact amount of money that Ericsson will collect each unit, but given the volume of sales of iPhone (which have great weight in the total of the company) it is estimated that it will be a considerable amount. Companies will also work together with a view to the implementation of the 5G, network optimization and management of video traffic.