Apple Wins The Last Battle Judicial and Samsung Will Take That Back and Apply Changes in Your Smartphones

Technology gives popcorn beyond presentations and specifications. At least the legal fight between Apple and Samsung carries filling headlines for years, and today the last battle of the war of patent information comes to us. Apple wins this time and may have to stop definitely include some features in its products as reported by Bloomberg Samsung.

Four years It has the latest dispute in which finally has left favoured the company of Cupertino, who demanded the Korean giant by the use of the functions “slide to unlock”, “AutoCorrect” and “quick links” (which is created automatically with some data, such as a date or a phone) in some older models of tablets and the Galaxy family phones.

Sometimes the victory (and the money) are not enough

By these same functions Apple already won a trial (about 120 million dollars) in may, however there was the order that Samsung removed their terminals feature, arguing that the application of the fine was sufficient. For who was not enough, however, it was for Apple.

The company from Cupertino that showed firm and argued that not having control of his own inventions caused them damage to brand and his reputation as an innovative, as well as the impact on the market. Aspect that had to show and this time seem to have taken into account, forcing Samsung definitely to not include these characteristics for not acting against the exclusivity of Apple.

For its part, Samsung filed an appeal in March assuring that There was only one product that it still maintained the links feature, and that none of their devices used the other two. Danielle Cohen Meister, spokesman for Samsung, He said that they have “their own history of innovation” and that they intend to stay calm in the millions of customers who buy its flagships. Special mention to the American public, ensuring that there would be any changes in terms of availability of the flagships, or in terms of its support nationwide service.

Samsung not gives up even

Since Samsung they explained only that they will not make statements, since it seems premature for even the final approval by the Court of first instance as to if the appeal that finally presented is rejected or not. A decision that could affect future determinations of the Court in terms of related processes com complex products at the level of components such as smartphones.

Formalized, this would be the last of many other battles for the originality of Apple, company to register patents and has been Yes mirror on occasion of his competition. Examples include obtaining the specific condition of “no cloning” for HTC, in order that their terminals differ from iPhone.

Specifically, the Court decision on Thursday applies to devices Galaxy S2 and Note 2, models already updated by large number of successors and that, as a aims Lee Jae Yun (analyst of Yuanta Securities Korea Co.), will cause no significant damage to the company’s sales.

In fact, These decisions are sometimes more symbolic than palliative, so affect the reputation as we mentioned, as well as serve as a preparation for manufacturers considering entering the U.S. market and they have saved similarities with Apple, as it could be Xiaomi.