Apple with 92% Remains of The Benefits in The Mobile Industry, According to Canaccord

If we impact us, imagine the face that the mobile phone manufacturers must have to analyze the data. Business is practically is Apple, and it deals with Samsung, which despite being the main seller, makes much less money with the merchandise that comes hand customers.

More than a thousand companies making mobile phones, and the 92% the benefits that are recorded, they are for the Cupertino. The Koreans would stay with 15%. We talk about the data that are handled, and estimate, on the first quarter of the year are experiencing (actually only take into account the eight major manufacturers).

Apple sells three times more than the average Android products, does not seem that the thing is going to change in the medium term

Someone will ask how it is possible that the sum of percentage increase of 100% – I also take the question-, the answer they give us is that other manufacturers are losing money. The most striking case data of Canaccord is Lenovo, appearing a 1% negative – bought from a deficient Motorola-, also can name to HTC.

Yes, it is difficult to understand, but this is how people tells us of Canaccord Genuity and WSJ, and compares it to us with the same period of the previous year, when the percentage was 65%. A figure very high, but more in keeping with what many had in mind.

The Cupertino can sell expensive, with an average of 660 dollars per telephone -last year was $ 625, – that is more than three times that which has an Android phone, $ 185.

There are many private companies that do not have fresh data, such as Xiaomi or Micromax. They are companies that sell many phones, but not expected from them a great return, since they are relatively young and working with products that have a small margin.

Looking to the future in the medium term, there is no reason to think that things will change too, especially if we listen to news that speak you that Apple is preparing a production of close to 90 million iPhone 6s.