ASUS Zenfone AR: Qualcomm Anticipates The Second Smartphone Android with Project Tango

Nothing can stop roller leaks prior to an important exhibition in this market of smart phones, even the utmost care in the world when it comes to preparing an event as the Consumer Electronic Show 2017 that it is about to start in Las Vegas.

This time the damnificada is ASUS and the surprised us, as an oversight of Qualcomm has sufficed for anticipate officially an unexpected ASUS Zenfone AR that it will become the second Android smartphone on the market compatible with Project Tango.

The name of the terminal leaves no doubt, his leitmotif is the augmented reality and Project Tango is the most advanced technology in the world in this field, giving smartphones of spatial intelligence to understand the environment and the objects that surround him as you would a being human.

A blog of Qualcomm has hinted some key details of the ASUS Zenfone AR, in a publication dated January 4, 2017, curiously the same day that the Taiwanese firm held their press conference at CES. It seems obvious that someone left you hand when publishing the information, and that this terminal exists and will arrive in a couple of days.

In addition, the own @evleaks has been commissioned to complete the filtration with an image of terminal press that confirms Project Tango sensors in the rear.

What we know of the ASUS Zenfone AR?

Because we know that the Taiwanese manufacturer has to Zenfone AR specifically designed to use augmented reality, although It will also be compatible with Daydream VR -Google-virtual reality platform, becoming fast-tracked the first smartphone that adds support for both services.

Thus, expected a high resolution panel which we do not know details, but that we do know that it will be animated by the 821 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, the most powerful of the US manufacturer while we wait for the 835 Snapdragon, and that integrates a processor quad-core up to 2.4 Kyro GHz, 64-bit and 530 Adreno GPU support.

Zenfone AR goggles Daydream View virtual reality and its controller, can explore new worlds with applications as Google Street View and Fantastic Beasts, navigate in your personal with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and HBO VR movies, and get your game between Gunjack 2, LEGO BrickHeadz, Need for Speed, and dozens of other titles.

Summary of the publication of Qualcomm

The bad thing is that we do not have all your specifications, but the good part is that we hardly have to wait to meet him officially, as on Wednesday surely ASUS show it to the world with all the honors of a smartphone pioneer.