Because It’s Official: LG G6 Will Not Be Modular

Rumors have already begun to sound strong at the end of 2016, but now it is official: the LG G6 It will not be a modular phone like its predecessor, the G5. Instead, the Korean brand bet on “aesthetics and usability” design.

LG modular adventure has ended. For the inconvenience of using them, the narrow range of available modules and their price or the limited warranty that could be used in the future, the reality is that LG G5 differential factor were the modules. And the people have spoken: modules do not interest, at least not as well, and less if I have to pay a high price aside for an accessory of a terminal that by itself was not cheap. Now LG acknowledges that it was a mistake and will step back with the G6.

No modules and a price of between 500 and 600 dollars, LG G6 aims to amend the G5 in MWC 2017 errors

A spokesman of LG, acknowledged to the Wall Street Journal that the G6 will be official “very soon”, what, in other words, points to the Mobile World Congress Barcelona at the end of the month of February. Also, your price will be around 500-$600 and that it will come in the first instance to United States, Europe and Korea in the South and China.

Signals that the LG G5 was not working well in the market were clear: in the last quarter of 2016, mobile LG sales revenue fell by 24% compared with the previous quarter. And, if there is any doubt, the own LG confirmed that you bet in the next few months by the LG V20 and even mentioned to the G5.

On the other hand and in the same article in the WSJ, Skott Ahn, responsible for technology from LG, confirmed that LG has no intention of selling its mobile division as some rumors pointed in recent months.