Beoplay H8-Design and Strength with Weaknesses [TEST]

Review of BeoPlay H8-a powerful headset in exquisite design that could be improved here and there.

Bang & Olufsen has a long illustrious history with dense harmony and design. The subsidiary BeoPlay leads the legacy forward with its compact wireless headset, BeoPlay H8.

BeoPlay reconciled with great design, delicious materials with up-to-date electronics with features like Wi-Fi, aptX audio and active noise cancellation (ANC).

The price is then, with a price tag that flirts with the three thousand dollars-is BeoPlay H8 so they much money worth?

Beoplay H8 specifications

Type: Closed, on-ear with active noise reduction
Materials: Leather, aluminum, textiles, plastic
Goals: 180 x 190 x 40 mm, 255 grams
Performance: 40 mm driver, 20-22,000 Hz response
Battery: 770 mAh, 35 hours of ANC, 16 hours, 3 hours of wireless micro-USB charging
Cable length: 120 cm
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 aptX
Colors: beige/gold, brown/black or black
Moreover: active noise reduction in both headphones and microphone
Price: from approximately 2,900 SEK

Strong design

Danish design is a not been world famous for no reason. And it is BeoPlay H8 living proof. Where the squints for other producers to get their products to stand out, understand BeoPlay to give its H-series it own unique look.

Here the metal, textile and leather in a beautiful minimalist cocktail that will dress the most regardless of whether you choose the bright beige/gold variant or the more shaded black or brown-black variants.

Results works very strongly, but also something heavy for an on-ear headset that must rest on the ears instead of around them.

Soft leather cushions helps here, but we are still far from the same opulent comfort as BeoPlay H7 delivers. After about an hour you should count on having to give your ears a rest. You must use a headset for long plane trips, you should take a closer look at Bose and Sennheiser rivals here.

Beoplay H8 seems generally not to be conceived for the travelling people, the headset can not be folded and it comes without travel pouch. Office or the living room seems to be its preferred site.

Nice, but stupid control

The attractive design is not, however, without any unfortunate consequences. Special control suffering, physical buttons is now the wreck in favor of touch-sensitive surfaces on the right device.

The idea is so that you know to draw circles around the perimeter can screw up or down, while a single dot starts or stops the music. You draw a straight line back and forth there similarly rewound back and forth, while a line up or down beats the active noise reduction from and to.

It works just not routinely misunderstand my intentions properly: headset and will often not respond – frustration eventually becomes so great that I prefer to take mobile forward and control the headset away. So smoking it smart so little.

Full connectivity

Before the sound can drop out of wireless phone you must pair it via Bluetooth. Here no NFC chip to facilitate pairing with Android phones, but the Setup is now still reasonable straight forward through the settings.

Beoplay offers at the same time a dedicated app called ‘ BeoPlay ‘ which gives access to the main functions for control of the music, the ANC and volume. Here you can, unlike BeoPlays A-series, not set sound stage against the more warm or neutral.

Are you for more old-school, but always reliable methods, you can instead connect the included 3, 5 mm jack plug. It works every time and doubles the operating time with the ANC turned on.

Which wireless headset battery can live up to 14 hours – an operating time which in practice is a few hours shorter, so enough for most in an entire day – but considerably after Bose and Sennheiser best.

The battery can be replaced at the same time, which means that the headset ever will be fully usable for many years after its competitors ‘ built-in batteries have given up a nice touch.

Complete audio

On the other hand, when the music is playing, there’s not much to expose on the sound. The two 40 mm drivers pumps merrily across the spectrum of music genres.

H8 is therefore clear and neutral-with the exception of the bass which at times can be a bit boomy. It will certainly not bother most, but when now there must be delivered three thousand NOK patches for the pleasure I want me a more balanced sound.

Beoplay H8 must therefore see it overtaken by competitors on the sound quality.

In order to improve the sound can H8, in interaction with a set of microphones around the headset, remove most of the around being noise.

It works – without, however, completely eliminate the outside world as in the Bose recently launched QC35-headset. What be is, is that the active noise reduction even contributes with a lightweight, high-frequency sum – which annoys, if you are in an Office or bedroom – here I actually preferred to completely turn off the feature.

Connect the cable to the sound does not change noticeably – H8, plays just as good as before.Headsetfunktionerne also works as intended and speech goes clear through.

Room for improvement

BeoPlays its inception in Wi-ANC-sound is good but is no unqualified success.

Design frames the Danish company patch, but unfortunately it comes at the expense of usability in everyday life. On-ear design makes at the same time, that it is not so pleasant in use as BeoPlays own H7.

The sound is generally excellent, but a little disorderly bass and an active noise reduction that teases makes to H8 cannot measure up to the best.

With the high cost in mind, we therefore ends on 4 out of 6 stars.