Black Friday 2016: Apps and Google Play in Offer Games That Can Already Enjoy

Now yes, we are to Black Friday, one of most famous Fridays of the year, famous for its multitude of offers and discounts. The Black Friday It is one day with major discounts and, but it is most known for the discounts on physical objects as gadgets, mobiles, laptops and other, the virtual shopping They also have your small hollow on this day.

As I said, is not yet officially Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving Day (is the fourth Thursday of November, is the 24th) but that does not mean that several apps and games there are with discounts on Google Play. Here you will find a selection of the best discounts on apps and games that we have found during the week (mobile and tablet Android, have them here).

Applications on offer

  • Time 14 days without ads: one of the favorite applications to know the weather forecast. Although it has a free version, includes ads. If you want to get rid of them, you must now pay only 0.99 euros.
  • Fast Burst Camera: the only way to take this camera shooting in bursts of up to 30 pictures per second was using the Lite version or pay 3.50 euros. Now you can get it for only 0.99 euros.
  • FBReader: This eBook reader joins the Cyber Monday with a discount of 50% in its most complete version, the Premium version. Now it will cost you only 2.45 EUR.
  • Facetune: be perfect in all your selfies will cost you very little effort and money. Get ready to have the perfect smile, raise your eyes, improve your skin and more for only 1.99 Euro.
  • Photo Studio Pro: This photo with 200 filters editor, editor of collages, text editor and much additional content is available at half price, will cost you EUR 2.29
  • edjing Pro: It is one of the outstanding offerings of Google Play of the week, and is still available. This professional mixing console is a price of the demolition, only 0.10 euro.
  • My Diet Coach Pro (New!): application to help you lose weight, eat better, and generally motivate you to be more healthy. You can get it by just 0.10 euro.
  • Solid Explorer File Manager: (New!) Manager of local files, FTP, Google Drive, folders with Root, and much more is at half price.

Games on offer

  • Deus Ex GO: Square Enix has discounted many of their games, and that includes the version more strategic and portable Deus Ex. 80% off leaves the final price at 0.99 Euro.
  • Lara Croft GO: This puzzle game based on the protagonist of Tomb Raider also follows the same pattern as above: 80% discount and a final discounted price of 0.99 euros.
  • Hitman GO: the latest game “GO” Square-Enix, this time starring Agent 47 has received numerous international awards and now it can be yours for only 0.99 euros.
  • Hitman: Sniper: If you prefer to kill from a distance with a sniper rifle, this adventure also starring Agent 47 is also reduced by 80%, it cost only € 0.50.
  • Tomb Raider I: Do you remember the classic Tomb Raider with its polygons and their originality before many sequels? It has become, is now on your mobile and cost 0.99 euros.
  • Tomb Raider II: The continuation of Tomb Raider has also returned from the 90s to reincarnate in a mobile game. Also available for 0.99 Euro.
  • Rayman Jungle: Rayman has also returned, finding a perfect place for playability of platforms in mobile. It costs only 0,10 euro.
  • The School: White Days: game 3D horror that takes place in a school. It will be reduced to half price until next Sunday. Until then it will cost EUR 4.19.
  • Symphony of Eternity: RPG game Japanese of Kemco, offering several of its games with a special discount of 88%. Your final price is 0.99 EUR.
  • Blood of Calamity: Another Japanese RPG Kemco, with classic 2D graphics. Are discounted 88%, with a price of 0.99 euros.
  • Rusted Emeth: the third and final – at least for now – RPG of Kemco with a special discount is something more futuristic and 88% is also discounted. Your final price is 0.99 EUR.
  • Monument Valley: (New!) Award-winning game that combines puzzles and impossible perspectives with an aesthetic and unique soundtrack. Get it now for only € 0.50.
  • Goat Simulator: (New!) the original game in which you can, literally, do the goat. Get it for 0.99 Euro.
  • LIMBO: (New!) acclaimed adventure game with a unique look, considered by many a masterpiece. It can be yours for only € 0.50.
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted: (New!) the classic game of racing and tuning maintains its graphics and gameplay in the version for Android. It is available for € 0.50.
  • Rayman Classic: (New!) the Rayman’s lifetime, the classic platform game celebrates its 20th anniversary by offering it completely free.

Discounted in-app purchase games

  • Angry Birds 2: (New!) the most famous game of animal violence starring more angry birds is still free, but in-game purchases are half price.
  • Asphalt 8: (New!) This fast-paced racing with fancy graphics game is free, but this week has discounts on purchases in-app.
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained x: (New!) the version for mobile phones of the classic Kingdom hearts has discounts of up to 60% on integrated shopping.
  • Dragon City: (New!) simulation game in which you must do to prosper your town and the dragons that live there. Discounts up to 60%, 95% discount on dragons and more.
  • Forge of Empires: (New!) simulation game in which you have to build and lead your civilization to the top. The 60% discount on items.
  • Farm Heroes Supersaga: (New!) adorable game puzzle-like King in which you must bring together elements of the same color. Discounts on purchases in-app.
  • ROBLOX: (New!) virtual universe that seems to take inspiration in Minecraft and LEGO. 75% off on some items.
  • Star Trek Timelines: (New!) explore the final frontier with this RPG based on the Start Trek universe. Objects with a discount up to 70%.
  • World of Tanks Blitz: (New!) do you like tanks? Here you can control more than 200 tanks to massacre the enemy. Significant discounts on in-app purchases.
  • Gummy Drop: (New!) game type puzzle in which you must collect jelly beans of the same color. Shopping in-app are discounted.
  • Cooking Fever: (New!) cooking game in which you must Cook the dishes required in record time. You get double coins on each purchase.
  • SimCity BuildIt: (New!) Mobile version with stunning graphics of the famous Sim City Simulator. Discounts up to 75% in some buildings.
  • Fallhout Shelter: (New!) simulation game where you must manage a bunker and stay with life and entertained unto the inhabitants thereof. Discounts up to 60%.