BlackBerry Has More to Say after The BlackBerry Priv, According to CEO John Chen

On November 6 it was a good day for the value of the shares of BlackBerry in bag. As we could see, the market liked listing of his last device, the BlackBerry, Priv. An initial reception and an interest or curiosity that market shares with the world of cellphone by the particular of the launch to be the first BlackBerry with Android terminal. And apparently it could be not only according to its CEO, John Chen.

The suspicion comes after statements by the CEO in an interview with Fox Business that comes from the Crackberry portal. During this, the CEO of BlackBerry said that, in relation to the latest release of the BlackBerry, a series of devices are among the plans of the company, although there were tracks.

An interview that occurs after the rise that we mentioned in the bag and that John Legere, CEO of the American operator T-Mobile, declares that in his opinion BlackBerry is still in a difficult situation, adding however that both he and Chen work to reach an agreement regarding the BlackBerry Priv.

Everybody’s happy

Explains John that have many users who rely on the security and privacy that gives them BlackBerry, with emphasis on groups such as the politician and labour in general. But what also claims and lets patent is that the main problem of the platform to the users was the lack of apps. Thus, the solution to this is what have been implemented with the BlackBerry Priv, i.e., rely on the platform which already has these, in this case Android.

John is aware of the comments regarding the BlackBerry Priv referring to this as a last attempt, or even a last breath of the company with respect to the construction of terminals. Before the reminder of this by the host, Chen says that it are not going to pay in this sector of the market.

Master this terminal (the BlackBerry Priv), and we have a large assortment of products after this

The good thing, if repeated, mostly good

As we said, the CEO gives to understand that there are plans (and at least one production line) of launch of more devices after BlackBerry Priv. Although it does not specify which features are going to keep this. I.e., if it is indeed more BlackBerry devices with Android as an operating system, or if will be a series of products with the same factor form or maintaining the physical QWERTY keyboard. What reaffirms is that the company will remain a reference in terms of safety, being realistic of the current problem especially in the sector of mobile devices.

The promise of a device not hackable is absurd, but with our terminals it is much more difficult that occurs

Could BlackBerry Priv be the source of bricks needed to rebuild the company? Chen believes that this will happen if the forecasts are met. Beyond customer diana associated historical way to the company with respect to the safety devices, John recalls that to make something successful there to arouse the attention of young audiences (something that the company achieved with the BlackBerry Bold a few years ago).

Before the approach of the presenter to regain the position that the company maintained in his best time, John is cautious and explains that it is difficult to recover the percentage of market share that the company had, but insurance is shown before a recovery from his latest release.

I don’t know if that 71% is realistic, but I am sure that we will overcome more than the current 1%