BlackBerry Mercury Is Seen Again, This Time with Android Nougat

BlackBerry, although it is going with more grief than glory through the market Android phones, even It continues to keep live samples, trying to find the way to gain a foothold among the manufacturers and not live with that feeling of that from one month to another brand it can disappear completely.

The next terminal of the Canadian manufacturer who is expected to appear at the CES in Las Vegas is the BlackBerry Mercury, a terminal that would tell the House brand with a physical keyboard and a relatively small screen, as well as a somewhat unusual resolution. What does seem certain is that the terminal will come with Android Nougat series.

Here ‘ s a screenshot of Android 7.0 on the BlackBerry “Mercury” BBB100-x. 1620 x 1080 resolution 420dpi. our site/yoevL8IHc4

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) December 29, 2016

At least to this version of Android is the tweet that you can see in this post according to Roland Quandt, the author of the message. Throughout the comments can see that mention any of your specifications, as his screen, which would be of 4.5 inch and bring a resolution of 1,620 x 1.080 pixels, somewhat curious.

Also, in one of his comments, said to possess a document which showed that the processor that would be included in the terminal would be the Snapdragon 625, that would place you within the medium-high range in the absence of knowing the rest of its specifications in case that the filtered are true.