BlackBerry Torn Between Desire for Revenge and Sales Opportunities

BlackBerry fans will be pleased to know that the company is working with Google to create a series of Android-based Smartphones. Are becoming more insistent, in fact, rumors about the arrival of one or more device BlackBerry -branded “Powered by Android”.

Among these would be the BlackBerry Venice that has very interesting technical features: 5.4 inch QuadHD from screen (1440 x 2560) curved on both edges, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Android 808 5.0 preinstalled. The phone should be launched in November and would, at least initially, an exclusive u.s. carrier AT & t.

At the center of “rumors”, however, there is also the possibility that the company could be sold. The CEO John Chen strongly supports the intention not to sell the company, at least for the moment. The Manager, in fact, would be waiting to quantify the value of the company’s shares. If a proposal comes close to the amount it deems proper for its value, at that point, it would be willing to consider a sale. Chen insists to keep hardware sector arguing that BlackBerry is still the benchmark for all countries.

Those were his words:

I have no intention of selling the BlackBerry. Only when and if a shareholder BlackBerry offered a good relationship that really reflects what we have and that we might be interested in selling. Then, if there is a potential suitor must demonstrate that they know how to take care of customers … I have a fiduciary responsibility to listen to. But until then, there will be nothing to listen to … we make the devices safer. Governments around the world are still using BlackBerry phones. The emotional reason is that BlackBerry is iconic for the industry. We undoubtedly started this industry