BlackBerry, Two New Domains related to Android and Two Devices in India for Test

We all know the moment of serious crisis it is facing for some years now the BlackBerry, whose market share is at historic lows and only the fortunes of apps for mobile devices appear to have a positive outlook. The feeling is that so you can move on, and in recent weeks there have been many rumors that the company is reportedly planning to produce at least a Terminal based on Android operating system.

In the last few hours BlackBerry has become involved in a move that seems to indicate further the intention to approach the platform, recording the two domains and It is not a final clue: it may just be a promotional page landing/dedicated to Android apps already available on the Play, but it is also true that a major feature of BlackBerry is the attention to safety. It is possible that the company is preparing a customized version of Android more focused on safety, as they have done less well known companies like Silent Circle and its Blackphone.

Meanwhile, reappeared the famous BlackBerry Venice, that rumor indicate just like the Terminal based on Android (we had already looked at a render, repeated at the top of the article, pretty safe sources). The device, along with the BlackBerry Dallas (or Oslo, already certified in any market of Asia and it should be again based on BlackBerry OS), was spotted on the website of the Indian importer Zauba, probably for the usual testing procedures that we have already seen in many other cases. Dallas might be nearing the official announcement, while Venice (here identified only by initials STV100-3) probably will come by year’s end.