Boavista, Cape Verde

According to Wholevehicles, Boavista is the third largest island in the archipelago, an island of beaches and dunes that stretch here for 55 km. In addition, this is one of the best islands for diving and surfing. The first settlement here is the village of Povoacao Velha, which means “Old Village” in Russian.

The capital of the island is the town of Sal Rey, whose whole life develops only around the harbor. Recently, several first-class tourist complexes have been built on the island, so there should be no problems with accommodation here. The island is famous for its unique scenic views of deserts, oases, dunes and beaches. For example, the Viana desert, Santa Monica beach, the old Morro Negro lighthouse and the old ceramic factory. Recently, off-road and quad bike safaris and desert motocross have become fashionable entertainment on the island.

Great beaches are Santa Monica (Santa Mónica), Curralinho, as well as the beaches of Lacação and Curral Velho located to the south (which are a little difficult to access).

How to get to Boavista

Boavista International Airport was opened at the end of 2007. The flight from Sal to Boavista takes only 15 minutes. In good weather, it is possible to travel by speedboat Ilan Voyager from the island of Sal – the main tourist center of the archipelago – to the island of Boavista (journey time about an hour).


Regular public transport – buses – connects the village of Sal Rey with the village of Rabil (Rabil, fare 100 CVE). Taxis can be hired in Sal Rey to get to Rabil for 500 CVE, to the fantastic Santa Monica Beach for 5000 CVE, to Praia de Chaves for 2500 CVE. In addition, a taxi can be hired for a trip around the island, the cost is 10,000 CVE.

Entertainment and attractions of Boavista

Opposite the capital of the island, the town of Sal Rey, is a small island of the same name, which is famous for the remains of the ancient Fort Duque de Bragança. You can get there by boat or by swimming, the sea here is no more than 1.5 meters deep.

Notable is the oldest church on the island, S. Roque Church, built in 1801, located in the village of Rabil (the ancient capital). There is also a ceramic factory, a youth handicraft center.

The Morro and Ponta lighthouses are located in Rotchona and offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Praia de Chaves beach. Nearby is the picturesque lagoon Ribeira de Rabil.

Diving and surfing in Boavista

Not far from the northern coast of the island, you can observe huge flocks of yellowfin tuna, barracudas, yellow groupers, whole colonies of variegated reef fish and yellowtail reef bass reaching hundreds of individuals.

Windsurfing is practiced here in Sal Rei Bay.

Boavista, Cape Verde