BookLamp, One of The 30 Companies That Apple Has Acquired in The Past 9 Months

Apple has confirmed the purchase of BookLamp, a startup specializing in big data books to develop automated testing services and the Books recommendation platform Book Genome Project that offers suggestions of readings to users based on the analysis of the natural language of other titles. Put another way, BookLamp software is able to read a book to analyze its ingredients, the type of language used, the topics covered and in what grade is.

In short, a perfect piece to improve services recommendation, search and classification of iBooks and the iBookstore, don’t believe? Especially if we consider that Aaron Stanton, the founder of BookLamp order, was not another that the “beating Amazon at its own game”, making of between them 10 and 15 million Apple paid a modest figure for that purpose.

30 acquisitions in the past 9 months, and counting

During the press conference in which Apple reported results for the third quarter of its fiscal year, Tim Cook did not hesitate to show off the latest additions being made by the company from Cupertino to bring new ideas and technologies.

Not counting Beats, we have completed 29 acquisitions only in what we carry of fiscal year, including five from the end of the March quarter, and we have brought an incredible and most important technology, a talent incredible Apple in the process. We are working hard and investing heavily in the exciting opportunities that arise in our business and we have an incredible portfolio of new products and services that we don’t die of desire to show.

Of these 29 acquisitions which do not include Beats, just know the personal assistant (style Google Now) Cue in October; PrimeSense, the creators of Kinect in November; in December the Notes app (style Evernote) Catch, the company’s treatment of maps BroadMap and Topsy, specializing in the analysis and searches on social networks; the photo app with gusts of up to 60 fps SnappyCam in January; Burstly, responsible for the distribution platform apps in development Testflight (already integrated in the next version of Xcode and iOS) in February; the manufacturer of LEDs of low power LuxVue Technology in may; and the app’s social recommendations of places Spotsetter in June.

29 acquisitions, 20 have managed to go completely under the radar

If Cook die of desire to teach all these new products and services that speak, imagine us.