Calvin Klein Collection Re-Adapts Male Classics for Their Next Collection Spring-Summer 2014

As you know Milan It will be this week capital world of men’s fashion. Take advantage of numerous brands and designers to submit their new proposals with a view to the next spring-summer 2014, as in the case of Calvin Klein Collection that on this occasion you choose Italy to present the new signs of identity.

It does so with a full collection of male classics, from the bomber jackets that are reinvented with vertical stripes, up to the biker jackets that become more versatile vest and print reptile-shaped. All wrapped up in that urban and minimal touch that makes Calvin Klein one of the most recognizable brands on the current scene.

And is that the designer Italo Zuchelli, responsible for the male division of Calvin Klein and this line Collection, has sought a balance between the urban, the minimalist and color, on the basis of a wide range of photographic prints and blue.

Other items to consider include shirts, classic and formal appearance with two pockets but that acquire a design oversized that even allows to use them as a light jacket.

And a front-row loaded with style

As usually come still common in recent times, almost that we see more signs of style and elegance among the guests of the front-row than on models for the parade, more than significant, no doubt.

Among the guests are to Michael Pitt, He wears a stylish black suit without socks, the musician Jack Savoretti or Henrik Lundqvist, NHL League of ice hockey player.