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Church Wedding – the FAQs

The church wedding If a couple has decided to spend the rest of their lives together, and want to be sealed not only by the state, but also receive the blessing of God, an ecclesiastical marriage takes place.

Boat Wedding Ideas

Getting married in boat: how to organize an unforgettable wedding! The wedding by boat is perfect for lovers of the sea: the wedding celebrated in this way are very unique and special, so every detail will be taken care of at best. Then discover How to organize a ceremony … is booming!

10 Steps to a Wedding Fashion

If I were to count on one hand how many people I know are getting married or are engaged, it would have to find other hands to finish the count. But today, with the technology in our hands and wonderful image apps like Instagram, and have Pinterest contact with various tips and inspirations for this • Read More »

The Wedding Gift Idea: Fortune Cookies with Money

Creative money gifts to the wedding-fortune cookies are a popular party gag, they are suitable as well as creative wedding gift. The verdict sheet in the pastries can be relatively easily replaced by banknotes or herself make the small cookies. Will be really creative!

Technique for Fishing with Bait Alive

Well here we are again with the second part of this important article that you must put into practice as soon as possible, since fishing with live bait has become extremely popular in every corner of the planet. If you have not read the first part of the article, I suggest that you stop reading • Read More »

The Different Types of Prayers – Christians

A basic practice of Christianity is prayer. God ministers to our lives when we are in communion with Him. Although many people know how to pray, not all are aware that there are different ways to do it. The apostle Paul says in 1 Timothy 2: 1: “First of all, I urge that entreaties and • Read More »

10 Best Movies about Science and Experiments

From the very beginning of the film industry, science, scientists and their experiments have served as inspiration for some of the best movies ever. Here are the ten best films of scientific topics in history until the 70s of the last century. On modern films: List of the ten best modern films about science and • Read More »

The 10 Best Films of Modern Science and Experiments

Science and experiments have allowed the creation of some of the best films in cinema history. Here are the ten best films of scientific topics in history from the 70s of last century to the present. About classic films: List of the top ten classic movies and science experiments 1. Jurassic Park (1993) Scientists discover • Read More »

What does Archangel Raphael look like?

Have you ever seen the warrior angel, who with his sword and shield fight against Satan? Is the archangel Michael. His image has been interpreted by painters of all time. It is in every shop botany and religious objects. Caring churches and homes. It is relied upon by millions of people for protection. It is • Read More »

What Is Science?

Definition of science The Spanish Royal Academy defines science as the “body of knowledge obtained through observation and reasoning, systematically structured and which general principles and laws are deduced.” The word comes from scientia, or “knowledge” in Latin; It can be understood as the body of knowledge possessed by all humanity that is verifiable, systematically • Read More »

What Is the Science of Beauty?

Beauty is something inherent to the human being. While other animals in the concept of beauty is associated with sexual attraction and mating, Homo sapiens seems to be the only species in transcending this area. We let ourselves be moved by works originating from nature, like a sunset, or created by man himself, like a • Read More »

How do you get water at room temperature for cooking?

Lower air pressure, most close to a vacuum. The boiling point of water will decrease  in the classic sense. Gallery You’re storing your groceries and leftovers the wrong way Source: If You Only Know How To Make One Type Of Pasta Sauce, Then … Source: How long does it take a sous vide • Read More »