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How to Choose His Bag Airbag Anti Avalanche

A few years ago, you hear ABS or AIRBAGS and you still thought “a guy who will pitch you with the mechanics of his Peugeot 206 decorated with pink neon lights”. And you were right! But today more excuse, systems of ABS, snow pulse or even BCA backpack airbags could save you from an avalanche. They do not replace the triptych ARVA, shovel and probe, but used in • Read More »

How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuits

We know that with these climates so suffocating, what most seems to you is go to Cuernavaca weekend and relax a while in the pool.

Trend: Swimwear with Prints

I put you in situation, you just got off work, it’s Friday and you’ve been wearing your damn suit and tie perfectly all week, and finally it’s time to go to the beach, some friends have called you to spend the afternoon taking the Sun and relaxing Is not it time for something different?

How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit

There are so many types of bodies as women. And when it comes to choosing bikinis or swimsuits, complicates the choice of the perfect garment.

CRU Swimwear: the New Brand of Handmade Swimwear

They are crocheted and lycra-lined by four seamstresses – of those really serious-in Lisbon. When in 2015 she decided to do Erasmus in Holland, Catherine Gil had too much free time. The 22-year-old girl-already a graduate in dental medicine and a bachelor’s degree in management-needed something to occupy her and “perform 100 percent” during her free • Read More »

Technique for Fishing with Bait Alive

Well here we are again with the second part of this important article that you must put into practice as soon as possible, since fishing with live bait has become extremely popular in every corner of the planet. If you have not read the first part of the article, I suggest that you stop reading • Read More »

Top 5 Brands of Sportswear for Cycling

With these brands of cycling sportswear you will use the best of the best In our blog you have found articles dedicated to the necessary clothes to go out to roll by bicycle and examples of what you must use for each climate; However, we have not told you which are the best brands of sportswear for cycling. For this reason, we • Read More »

Women’s Backpacks for the Academy

The woman, no matter where she goes, needs to carry numerous accessories with her. But you need to have a bag for every occasion. It is not possible, for example, to bring a social scholarship to the gym. In fact, even gives, but many are uncomfortable because of fashion and appeared. Therefore, you can opt for women’s backpacks for gym, • Read More »

Boxing: Sexiest Sports to Burn Calories

Already forgive the license that I took on the title, but thinking of boxing I’ve not been able to avoid in the sexy that a man who practice find us the majority of women. Nothing comparable with other aerobic exercises but frivolities aside, actually the main reason for this post is that Boxing is a • Read More »

Fishing Reels Technique

How important is a smoothly functioning fishing reel shows at the latest, if this fails the service – but what you can prevent quite well by already noticed a few things on the purchase and reel the necessary care can be given. We explain what you on this relatively technical part of the fishing gear • Read More »

Tommy’s Fishing Expert

“A REAL SPINNING REEL IS NEEDED” Tommy S works as a salesman at naturkompaniet in Sickla in Nacka just outside Stockholm (Stockholm). His big interest is fishing. Learn about Tommy’s fishing tips and see what equipment he likes.

For the Backpack Hydration System

Enough drink is terribly important on every hike and also on any other tour, because only who feeds his body enough water, can be too powerful. Who drinks on the road not only water, but also juices, leads to simultaneously the necessary energy in the form of sugar in the fluid his body, which is • Read More »

Tour of Dubai Cycling 2014

From Wednesday, February 5 until Saturday, February 8, 2014 in the United Arab Emirates held the first edition of the Dubai Tour.This new course will be broadcast live on TV. What the participants are on the start list for the Tour of Dubai? What course of this new competition will?

MusucBag – the Sleeping Bag with Arms and Legs

Some time ago I already times about the Lippi Selk Bags posted, with a kind of Pajamas with sleeping bag properties. Since August 2009, the successor of the Selk bag is now called MusucBag. The new name has its origin in the Design Studio MusucHouse, the Chileans Rodrigo Alonso. The third generation has been improved and is available under the new name • Read More »

How to Choose a Camping Mattress

Sleeping on the floor is not a dream for many people. However, no shortage of enthusiasts that would dearly love for one camping. While some people can adapt to the challenges sleep on the floor, you can choose to sleep in a sleeping bag. However, often lying directly on the ground can take a restful • Read More »

Sleeping Bag and Camping Mat

To succeed warm up in the cool, even cold nights in the mountains, except insulation that offers tent should be a proper sleeping bag. In his choice we must bear in mind that: – Seasons, which will be in the mountains determines the type of sleeping bag. All manufacturers of sleeping bags available specification, which describes • Read More »

What Is a Bicycle Brand?

Bike culture: Bicyclings Chief Editor Andreas Danielsson has visited the huge bike fair in Friedrichshafen and wonder in their leadership Chronicle what values really lie in a bicycle brand now. After 27 years of excessive fascination with gadgets should my madness have cooled some now that I have become big and gotten insight. But that’s not • Read More »

Good Quality Thermos Flask

Choosing a thermos should be approached with the utmost care. Then among the variety of models will be able to find the right product that will last a long time will be of high quality and meet your requirements.

What are the Effects of Dynamite Fishing

Dynamite fishing or blast fishing is a method of fishing that work using explosives to kill or stun fish for easy collection. Although generally illegal blast fishing is a practice that remains quite popular in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and many African coastal regions. Blast commercial fishermen using dynamite, but most often they build homemade bombs • Read More »

How to Build a Winter Bike

Bike culture: a winter bike is a bike built for this year’s worst days. Training or commuting in dirty, wet and dirty days require a cycle that can withstand rough handling and minimal maintenance. A bike that have to put up with bad weather and a little care must also not be too expensive. This is how • Read More »