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Fundstucke: What’s Going on Ebay?

Today I made an interesting discovery for you: Seiko has a quite popular Vintage model nicknamed “helmet” reissued. (No, not the clock up-she’s coming later). The first new helmets can be found already on ebay (affiliate link). The retro design is, I think, extremely well managed. And the prices are also fair.

Marcello C: Rheinland Instead of Geneva or Glashutte

High-quality watches with Swiss works In times of soaring prices for luxury watches, the small manufactory Marcello C in the Rhineland near Aachen is a Gallic village. Since 1993, Marcell Kainz and his watchmakers have been building high-quality timepieces with Swiss work for the normal purse.

Guide to Buying Your Smart Watch / Smartwatch

If you are thinking of buying a Smartwatch watch, you must take into account some data before making the decision. If you are hesitating because you think it may be a fad, or it is a device too “geek”, data indicate that in the year 2015 have sold 17.1 million wearable devices. Are you going to • Read More »

Test the New Watch from the Tokyoflash Brand, the Kisai X

TokyoFlash a Japanese company in charge of manufacturing exclusive and limited watches, which returns to charge with a new design, the TokyoFlash Kisai X, a surprising wristwatch inspired by LED pyramids that really hide the digital time.

Turning Your Computer into an Alarm Clock

These days a friend asked me if I knew of any program to turn the computer into an alarm clock. I looked up and found some legal right in Sourceforge, but seemed not the best option. We came to the conclusion that the simplest way would be to use Windows Task Scheduler.

How to Choose a Watch

Is it Easy to Users Today? Hardly.  At a time when the market was literally overflowing with produce, orientation in space variety of goods becomes a real challenge to the client. And each of us, regardless of what industry works in one or another situation the role of the client.Dizziness is guaranteed-from wildly racing prices, advertisements, promotions, • Read More »

Dragon Watches

Geneva has always been a focal point for creative and artistic people. Poets, artists, philosophers, scientists are always attracted by magic. This applies to master watchmakers of the highest level, and we know that Switzerland except for its chocolate is known for its watchmaking industry. About fifteen years ago, a young Dutchman named Case Engelbarts is also • Read More »

Casio A168WA 1YES Mens Digital Bracelet Watch

If you like vintage styling and minimal and want to remember the legendary 80s/90s then the Casio A168WA-1Yes could do for you. With its 50 grams, looks like an extremely lightweight but rugged wrist thanks to the stainless steel strap with slide clasp. The resin and the plastic lens explain why the very low weight of this Casio watch. • Read More »

How to Wear a Pocket Watch

If you thought the pocket watch was a legacy of the past, then you think again. Now more than ever, in fact, the pocket watch is catching up on the classic wristwatch and is more of a fashion accessory and trendy. The pocket watch (more commonly known as “FOB watch”) is a handy accessory and style, which • Read More »

Alcatel One Touch Smart Watch

Alcatel announced its first smart watch. It will be a low-budget, even though the price still is not publicly known, a design reminiscent Moto 360 and is called Alcatel Wave.

How to invest in a watch?

Have you ever stopped to think how much worth the watch is on your wrist now? If one day you want to sell it to buy a new or even to earn money, you have any idea whether it will be worth more or less than you paid? These responses are somewhat difficult to answer, but spoke • Read More »