CloudPlayer Makes Dropbox and Google Drive to a Jukebox

App CloudPlayer scans your music from all your storage services like Dropbox and Google drive and collects it in a music player ready for streaming.

Do you have a lot of music lying in the cloud with Dropbox, Google drive and OneDrive, but lacks an easy way to play it on from the smart phone?

So is CloudPlayer the perfect solution, because it solves exactly this problem in a very elegant and user-friendly way.

During Setup, you simply connect to the online services, where you have music stored and automatically scans your music library through CloudPlayer and lets you stream it as if it were the Spotify or the upcoming Apple Music.

Thus you are transforming your music directory spread across multiple services into a single app, where you can navigate through the albums, artists, playlists, songs, genres, and composers-exactly as you know it from the classic music players on your smartphone.

Supports AirPlay and Chromecast

The icing on the cake is CloudPlayers support for the two technologies, AirPlay from Apple and Chromecasst from Google. With these, you can send the music up on the large installations, if it is paired with, for example, an Apple TV, an Chromecast or an Android TV-box.

Even where, for example, does not support these OneDrive technologies CloudPlayer on almost magically manages to get the whole thing to play along anyway.

Play your music in hi-fi quality

If you are passionate about music in the absolute highest quality, also known as lossless or lossless formats such as FLAC, so doing CloudPlayer also the task without any problem.

It also offers features such as bass boost (called Super Sound), a 10-piece equalizer to adjust the sound and the ability to save songs for offline playback – all in an easy to understand and simple Material Design after all art rules.

7 day trial period – then 49.99 crowns

You can try out this unique service absolutely free for 7 days by downloading CloudPlayer in Google Play. If there is an iOS app in the making, is not known.

Subsequently, you will need to upgrade with a shop inside the app for 49.99 in order to continue to be able to take it in use, which at the same time also opens up more of the previously described functions.