Conflict Metals: Fairphone Reveals More Supply Chain

For the Dutch company Fairphone, social responsibility, environmental awareness and the protected resources in the Centre are in the production of smartphones. That start-up made it now as the first manufacturer, four of his Rohfstoffe classified as problematic from non-conflict mines to obtain.
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Fair production and supply chain

After Fairphone has already revealed its supply chain for Tin, gold and tantalum in the past, it has published now also its production chain for tungsten. The company refers to the mineral for the vibration motor of Fairphone 2 of a conflict-free support facility in Rwanda from August 2016. To help build of the new politically and environmentally correct chain received the company of the Austrian Wolfram mining and cabins AG. With fair funded tungsten Fairphone August wants to deliver first devices.

Fight against raw materials from areas of conflict

Tantalum, Tin, gold, and tungsten are considered conflict metals, because they promoted, inter alia in the Congo, where armed groups finance their fight through the sale of raw materials. The Dutch start-up Fairphone is committed to the fight against unfair and conflict-loaded commodity promotion as one of the first companies. Already from the outset, the company refers to the mineral tantalum and Tin from unimpeachable sources. A few months ago, Fairphone announced to use also fair traded gold was the first electrical manufacturer. For an appropriate transparency, Fairphone exposes the supply chains for these metals only Smartphone manufacturer.

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