Creative Airwave-New Sound Will Be Triangular

Creative ready with new smart mobile speakers that shows a whole new design-they are in fact triangular. See the price here.

The past few years, we are starting to see many new designs on the small mobile speakers. And Creative hold not back.

They now come with a triangular speaker series that combines sound with a different design.

Products called Airwave and Airwave HD.

These speakers can play music wirelessly via Bluetooth connection and mating is done via NFC. There is also a built-in battery, so they can play without being connected to the power. Charging is done via a standard micro-USB connector.

AirWave HD has multipoint connection, and can thus be connected to two devices at once.

Both speakers in the series has a built-in microphone, so calls can be answered, even if the smart phone is used as a music player.

Creative Airwave HD comes in black and red while Airwave available in blue, grey, pink and green.

The price of the Airwave is 799 dollars while Airwave HD is at 1,199 crowns.