Danske Bank Will Improve MobilePay

A month after application MobilePay was released it now from Danske Bank reported that the application must be improved – with your help.

Danske Bank sent for a small monthly time their latest application on the street – for payment application MobilePay, that can be used by anyone of any bank. It just requires you have an iPhone or an Android phone, as well as a payment card.

The application has already been downloaded more than 100,000 times. But now it must be improved, therefore the Danske Bank interested in your ideas – so now is a idebank opened and ready for your idea.

-“Our ambition with MobilePay is to make it the best betalingsapp in Denmark, and to do it so we are dependent on our users help us to tell us what we can do better and how we can develop MobilePay,” How does this sound from Bo T, who is project manager at MobilePay.

You can find idebanken at our site, where you can also read others ‘ ideas.