DBA Application Rounds Milestone and Has a New Feature on the Way

DBA application is know to be all household item displays the latest figures, which “celebrated” with a new feature is on the way to the application.

There is good news from the folks behind the popular DBA application. DBA application has had a massive interest among users and to rounded last week download number 715,000.

It is similar to that one in three Danes, who own a smartphone, have DBA application installed on his or her phone.

But there are also other good news from these edges, in addition to this milestone. A new feature is on the way to the application, which means you can now buy accent products or paying ads. Thus you no longer need to sit in front of your computer in order to create or edit ads, but you can now also manage this directly on the cell phone. Competitors trendsales, Yellow & Free, Reshopper, Anywear and Resecond is not yet ready with such a function.

In order to use this new payment feature, you have to use Dankort/Visa Dankort or Mastercard – in a later version will PayPal also be supported.

Traffic moves to the mobile platforms

DBA invests and develops constantly on the mobile platforms and also together with application BilBasen used 40 million dollars on this so far.

It is also seen on figures, that it is worth the money for the whole of the 37 percent of the traffic on the DBA is done from the mobile platform. The announcement from the DBA is also ready.

-“We believe that the Danes are slowly but certainly replaces desktop experience with your phone – that we will be with!,” How does this sound from DBA to Mobilsiden.dk.

The goal of their applications, DBA and BilBasen, is also to make applications that provides an easier and quicker overview than you get from your computer, but where there are no forgone features.

It will be some weeks before the update with the new function is ready for download.