Deals of The Week at Google Play: Mind Games and Our Budget by 0.10 Euros and Discounted Disney Games

We bring you one more week a compilation of the best deals of the week on Google Play. A unique opportunity to get with applications and cool games at a reduced price. And once you get them, they’re yours forever.

This week we have the collection of mind games Mind Games Pro y Our Budget Book Pro by 0.10 euros, plus a collection of popular Disney games as Where’s my water? discounted price.

Our Budget Book Pro

Just in time for Christmas, Our Budget Book Pro is available now for only 0,10 EUR. Use this application to record all your expenses and see ends meet in what you gone money. You can categorize the expenses into customizable categories to be controlled at all times in what are spending you more.

It has an interface Material Design and you can synchronize the data in Google Drive that you access them from other mobiles and even share them with other members of your family, to record family finances. If you’re still not convinced, you can try the free version without commitment.

Our Budget Book Pro5.6

  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: Mavi Software
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 0.10 euros (offer)
  • Category: Finance

Mind Games Pro

This collection of mini-mental games is also available on Google Play at a great price, 0,10 EUR. After the fiasco of Lumosity we can’t technically say that these mini-games will make you smarter or actually train your brain, but as little you can put it to the test.

With benefits for health or not, the mental games are entertaining in itself. You’ll find games based on attention, memory, knowledge, vocabulary and mental agility. This version has no ads and includes all the games, but if you want you can try the free version first.

Mind games profesionales2.4.6

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: Mindware Consulting, Inc
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 0,10 EUR
  • Category: Puzzles

Disney games

Although technically they are not highlighted and selected by Google Play offerings of the week, we cannot fail to escape these discounts in several of the most popular Disney games. These are the titles that you can add to your collection for very little money:

  • DuckTales Remastered: the classic platform game remastered and available for 1.09 euros.
  • Castle of Illusion: the game for Megadrive starring Mickey Mouse that returns with HD graphics and a price of 1.09 euros.
  • Where’s my water?: version without advertising and with all the puzzles in this game will only cost you 1.09 euros.
  • Mickey & Donald Farm Appisodes: supplemental application for the TV show of the same name, aimed at young children and which now costs 0.93 euros.
  • Appisodes: Crystal Mickey: Toddler game filled with music, videos and mini-games. Get it by 0.93 euros.
  • Appisodes: Enchanted Science: videos, music and minigames starring Sofia the First. Now it is worth 0.93 euros.
  • Appisodes: Doc Goes McMobile: application complementary to the Doc McStuffins aimed at children show where mini-games, music and video mix. Its discounted price is of 0.93 euros.