Declining Satisfaction by iPhone Users-But Still the Greatest

New study shows that iPhone users have a decreasing satisfaction, but it is still higher than that of its competitors.

Apple’s iPhone loses support among users according to a new study. There has also been much criticism of the latest iPhone 4S in Denmark because it did poorly in a test with error call.

And since Tim Cook took over the ceo position after Steve Jobs, then user-satisfaction with iPhone dropped among users, according to a new us study. It writes our site.

The iPhone is still the phone that scores the most points in the poll. But the concern by removing Apple falls two points from last year and is now down to 81 points, while satisfaction with Samsung’s products has increased by five points since last year – and now up on 76 points.

Satisfaction with Motorola products has increased by four points and now stands at 77 points, while Nokia has picked up a point and is on 76 points, like Samsung.

The last few years, Apple’s head start so been halved.

-“Even if iPhone 5 has sold well, it has not boosted Apple’s General customer satisfaction. And Samsung’s improvement is the largest so far for a mobile manufacturer, “says ACSI in connection with the investigation.

However, it is not only Apple, which has fallen — even HTC and LG has fallen this year compared with last year.

You can find the whole study, which is based on the questionnaire among 9,600 Americans during the period from January to March, here.