Denmark Hit: OnePlus 3 with Clearly Extended Delivery Time

Denmark was not in first place among the countries where the sale of OnePlus 3 would be paused, but yet liver no now strongly extended.

Last week, it emerged that the sale of the incredibly popular OnePlus 3 will be paused in the next month or so in 24 European countries.
It was reported in the first place, that Denmark would not be one of the most affected countries, and the image has also not changed really. Nevertheless, there are now up to six weeks delivery time on the phone, rather than the few days, as was previously the case.

You can still order the OnePlus 3 on their website, but when you arrive at the delivery, then you will encounter the text “delivered within 6 weeks”.

The delay is due to the fact that OnePlus now have abolished the ancient invitation system that otherwise before has given them a more realistic idea of the demand. But after having dropped the invitations and after a larger demand than expected, then they have not quite be able to keep up with, and that is what we now marks the result of.

It seems therefore that the delay in delivery is a problem in more countries than first assumed, and also with our Nordic brethren Sweden and Finland, which does not so appear to be affected by the delay, the delivery is also set to a minimum of six weeks.
On the OnePlus’s page, you can now sign up for an e-mail service that notifies you when the phone is back again at the normal stock status.

But there is, therefore, primarily to talk about challenges in the black version, known as Graphite, then you are instead interested in the white Soft Gold-Edition, then you can get it within just 8 days.