Diversity Back to Apple in a New Email from Denise Young Smith to All Employees

2014 has been the year in which Apple is It is committed with the diversity. From Cupertino have been listening for months various messages on how Apple no matter what age or appearance have, as views or where to come whenever you want to work hard and share the idea of Apple to create great products that benefit everyone.

At the beginning of last month, we saw Tim Cook sent a message to employees on diversity, accompanying it with a video that taught us different “types” of employees that have Apple in all its departments. This conversation started Cook has joined you through another email Denise Young-Smith, Head of human resources at Apple and responsible as a whole of Apple hiring policy.

In the mail we see from Apple want to feel their employees to they are part of the company Since all your opinions are heard and valued. There is no thought or idea which, according to Denise, has not been read and valued properly. According to the words of Denise (and the Cook’s one month ago) diversity in employees helps Apple to create better products, a phrase that makes enough sense if we think depending where you come, you can have different ideas that can bring enough when it comes to doing things.

Then you have the email by Denise Young-Smith. It is full of fine words and inspiring quotes to raise the morale of all employees, something that Apple has been an expert and the path where it seems that they will go from now.

Email Denise Young-Smith


Tim has started a regular conversation about inclusion and diversity in Apple. No matter what position you have or where you feel, this is important, and it makes sense for all of us, for our customers, and for those who are considering starting work at Apple.

The responses we received to the campaign “In Your Voice” has been what we expected: authentic, passionate and widely representative of our diversity in our thinking and perspective around the world. And we are grateful for this.

Many of you have shared stories of how the culture of inclusion of Apple has changed the course of your life, be it personal or professional: “he was over 55 years old and I was hired. My boss looked more than my age, and my hair color and I saw how was: a person with initiative and prepared for the challenges of Apple worker. Thank you”. “I am fortunate to be and think differently. My point of view is appreciated in this environment, while elsewhere it seemed that my point of view was something that had to confront the rest”.

Many of you have relative to Apple with the UN, describing your daily routine to hear different languages spoken around the world and beneficiandoos yourselves of global views.

We have said where Apple could be doing better. Your teams and bosses could be more inclusive. This usually appears in very subtle ways–from the words we use, how we hire or as we treat others or improve. We all bring our life experience and that makes us unique and color vision of others and the world around. Can all benefit us to improve our perception of how our actions affect others.

Some of you have shared that you not feel as connected as you like to your teams or initiatives that seem to that elsewhere. You also want to have news and connect with the incredible people that exist in our Organization. These are areas in which we can improve and will do it. We should do it.

We believe that such initiatives inspire our best innovations. As one of you said “diversity is essential to ensure that our products are good for humanity. When our computers are different, we make products more relevant and better for the world.”

Following this, we know that we need to demonstrate an active commitment to include in our day to day work that advantage through the wealth that gives us diversity.

We will continue this conversation and others that extend the innovation dialogue, inclusion, and of course, why we are all here: to create an impact and do our best work. Together.

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome to follow along.