Done Size: Choose the Right Bra Ensures Comfort and Beauty

Research conducted by lingerie brand Liz with more than 20000 in Brazil showed that 80 percent of them wear bras in sizes inadequate. But, with simple tips, you can choose a piece that fits well to the body and provide comfort to the woman.


“When you get to the store, the first thing a woman needs is to understand what you’re looking for. If is a bra to play sports, go to a party or to use on a daily basis. From there, we analyze the biotype of it in order to offer the best modeling for that body type, “says Juliana Moraes, Director of the Group Fresh Lingerie.

The mining brand works with different sizes of hearts (or glasses–where the breasts are accommodated) and back (the chest). And it is exactly these measures the key to choose the BRA (see table below).

There are at least five major types of hearts. The balconet is by far the most sold. “He’s going to answer to those who have a more round and bust that has little volume, too. For this last case, the model comes with a ‘ bubble ‘ (a padding) in the bowl to design the breast “, explains Dirléia.

The so-called “full coverage” provides comfort to more breast fed up because the World Cup is deeper and “embraces” best breasts. “Triangle” will allow the use of a blouse more dug and is suitable for small and medium-sized breasts.

“Many women arrive here at the store stating they wear bra size 42 and, in fact, after a consultancy, show that the right number is 46. When buying lingerie, and mostly a bra, one must take into consideration not only the beauty of the undergarment, but essentially the comfort ”
Dirléia Guedes
Manager of PS Jolie Lingerie
Works with sale of underwear for 30 years

To give a “lifted”, the push up is the claimed right. However, women with larger breasts should look at the side of the workpiece, you must hold the volume.

Already the bandeau, a challenge for many, must follow the rules of the other: embrace the breasts, do not tighten the back and sustain the volume with wider side.

“The best is to test the models suitable for your volume, see how the piece can add value to you, it has to be ‘ Homegirl ‘. This is one of the first pieces of clothing you wear in the day and the last one you get when you come home, “says Juliana Moraes, of fresh water.

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To find out if the BRA you’re wearing is wrong for your BioType, simply stand by in front of the mirror and observe, BRA, bust is on correct line that he is naturally. If not, make the measurements, look for a consultancy and prioritize comfort.