Droid Turbo 3 Would Be a before and an after for Motorola… If These Renderings Are Real

If we look at the trends of the Smartphone market, there is no doubt that design has been all in recent times and that manufacturers have placed meats on the grill to get constructions and materials each more premium for your phone.

Motorola, already in the hands of Lenovo and under guidance of the Chinese matrix, changed their Moto X radically in 2016, looking for a twist, giving prominence to a new range Moto Z, which along with the Moto Mods trying to peel off bets from other manufacturers.

However, these modular designs that both LG and Motorola have attempted in the year that we just close it seems that they have not set very well in a market as volatile as, sometimes, inexplicable, so the guys from the American manufacturer are already at work to give a blow of rudder to its catalog in 2017.

Droid Motorola Turbo range specifically designed for Verizon, and already in the past differed much from the international catalogue of Motorola. Why not wait for such a radical change like this in 2017 for the Droid Turbo 3?

Old acquaintances to light a new design

The images illustrating this article have been published in the Chinese social networking Weibo, one of the most prolific leaks of market sources, and although it is obvious that we need to take them with caution, most media have pointed to Motorola is looking for inspiration to design its new Motorola Droid Turbo 3, Motorola Verizon gets exclusive star device.

An inspiration that Americans would have found in milestones of the past such as the Motorola RAZR and Motorola Milestone, two smartphones very recognizable by its straight lines and its marked edges.

To update this design is not a bad idea, and whether or not actual renders us has liked to think about a new line of Motorola bet by a ultra-thin design with improvements to a camera signed by Hasselblad, the same House that put names to the Moto Mod Hasselblad True Zoom. Finish polished to mirror rendondea terminal with a marked hump in the area of the camera.

As it is obvious any resemblance of these renderings as bright with the reality is pure coincidence, and the source is in charge of confirming that they are fully concept based on the design that Lenovo and Motorola for the Droid 3 Turbo.

And so it would be on the inside, the new Motorola Droid 3 Turbo

Sources in Weibo have also announced some of the features that device incorporated in its release to the market, starring the hardware in a camera’s 16 Megapixel camera with Aperture f/1.9 signed, as we have said, by Hasselblad. It should be recalled that Hasselblad is a Swedish manufacturer of cameras, but that to date has not created any sensor for smartphones.

The specifications would be complete with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset or 821, that together with 4 GB of RAM they would be sufficient power for a device designed to compete among the best.

That Yes, if a design of this type is confirmed, is expected a low capacity, and time all battery which can add would be mirror too. And you, like a Motorola like this in our markets?