East Will Be According to The Aspect of The New Samsung Galaxy S8 Weibo… Do We Believe It?

Samsung does not leave to rest their machinery, and though his coming-out in CES 2017 has not served to see renovations between Galaxy smartphones that in these events from the brands always talk is often of more and/or reveal some important details about future movements.

Still waiting for a Update Android 7.0 that just take off for the Galaxy S7, it seems that all the rumors of the Korean giant alreredor star is still a hypothetical Samsung Galaxy S8 today has seen how filtered in Weibo a supposed image of its appearance as well as its release date.

It is not yet official, but all the media assume that the future flagship of Samsung will arrive in a separate large fairs Unpacked event in April, but today from the most prolific social network in leaks of the world aims at a specific date for its official launch: April 18.

In addition, according to the sources, the forecast is that Samsung starts mass production of the terminal in March, all time to finish tests that have been expanded after the egregious problems of Galaxy Note 7 and their explosions.

Front use… and goodbye to a classic?

The image you see is the second filtration of the day, and According to sources it is a prototype of the S8 Galaxy design that fits with the rumors already seen around a front panel with a greater advantage following the lines marked by Xiaomi and its my Mix, although adapted to the usual Samsung construction and its curved panels.

We do not know well if you believe it, in fact seems very strange that Samsung removed at a stroke one of its hallmarks, the classic HOME button under the panel that also housed the fingerprint reader that, in this case, should move to the back or an integration under the front glass.

There are more details that squeak, as the lack of navigation software buttons and a Samsung logo on the bottom frame that does not give clues about a capacitive button, that would be obviously necessary in case there is no physical buttons.

‘Dual-edge’ screen, use front and goodbye to the classic HOME button from Samsung, a mark of identity that… would fall definitely Galaxy S8?

Moreover, is the design of the S7 Galaxy edge with some modifications that follow everything what has been rumored, so it is easy to think of an image photoshopeada by any fan of the Korean firm . It is doubtful to thinking in a such revolutionary change Although important developments are expected, Samsung current designs still have travel.

Either way, your presentation isn’t about rumors and leaks occur on a daily basis, so between now and the month of April and especially around MWC 2017, surely we use see news on the future terminal Samsung star.