Epo Nautika Hand Flashlight

Product description

The Eko Nautika Flashlight is very practical and easy to use because it has built-in plug for charging directly into a standard 110v or 220v outlet, extremely durable battery, can charge more than 200 times and each charge of 10-12 hours generates from 5 to 6 Hours of light.Perfect companion for your adventures.

Indications of Use

– Day by day;
– Camps;
– Trails;
– Travel or evening activities;

Technical specifications

– Flashlight has built-in plug for charging directly into a conventional socket – 110v or 220v;
– Durable battery;
– Can charge more than 200 times and each charge of 10-12 hours generates from 5 to 6 hours of brightness;
– Lamp: 1 LED CREE of 1 watt;
– Material: ABS plastic body;
– Measures (cm): 16 x 5;
– Light modes: High, low and off;
– Power of clarity: 50 Lumens;
– Type of Charge: High durability battery allows up to 200 recharges;
– Voltage: 110v or 220v;
– Imported product;
– Brand: Nautika;
– Warranty: 1 Year.


Time and manner of delivery of exchanges:

The shipping mode used for the exchanges is Normal Post Order. The term is from 03 to 12 business days for the arrival of the product to the store and the same time for the product to return to the customer.

How is the exchange procedure?

In order for the exchange to take place in the shortest time possible, the client must send a letter explaining the reasons for the exchange and one of the invoice ways. If applicable, indicating which other product you wish to receive. The letter A must be sent A / C.

Value differences:

If there is a difference between the values ​​of the products exchanged, it is necessary that the customer makes the difference via bank deposit, or otherwise, if the product chosen for exchange is cheaper than the other, we will settle the difference of values ​​via bank deposit.

How is the shipment to Território Online?

So that you can send the product to our address, it is enough that the client presents in the mails the Code of authorization that is provided through the email (faleconosco@territorioonline.com.br).

Learn more about the brand:
With 35 years of luggage, Nautika remains in line with its concepts and basic principles of quality, innovation, diversification and value. Today, with the support of a team of dedicated professionals, we are an increasingly current and dynamic company that maintains its guidelines in the pursuit of excellence and innovation of our products and services. Our challenge is to grow, staying with our foundations and principles. Our goal is to exceed consumers’ expectations and strive for solid and sustainable growth for all participants. Respect, persistence, creativity and ethics are the DNA of our growth for more than 3 decades.