European Launch of HTC First Stopped

Negative reactions in the US market has got Facebook to stop the European launch.

There have been a number of negative reactions in Facebook’s big attempt to create a social experience on Android phones with Facebook Home. The commitment came from the outset only to selected units, as well as pre-installed on HTC First.

And now it seems that Facebook even has discovered it is not “all that”, the launch of the HTC First is cancelled in the United Kingdom. And the advance bookings are on the phone will now be canceled. It writes our site.

Engadget also tells that it is Facebook themselves who have decided to stop the launch – and thus not either HTC or telecommunications companies. Phone company EE believe to know, Facebook will make a number of improvements in Home before HTC First launched in several countries.

-“Facebook has decided to focus on adding new possibilities of personalization in the Facebook Home over the coming months. While they work on creating a better Facebook Home experience, they have recommended to wait to launch HTC First in the United Kingdom, “it says in a statement from EE.

Facebook has confirmed The opposite Verge, that they have chosen to postpone the European launch. It writes

HTC First is immediately sold only in 15,000 copies with phone company AT & T, which has sent the rest of your inventory back to HTC.