Evolution of The Mobile Market in 2012: Price Per Minute, Number of Lines, Income and More

This week the CMT He has presented its annual report on the State of the sector that it is still marked by the context of economic recession which has resulted in the whole income reduced by 7.2% over the previous year and which are interesting data related to the mobile market in Spain.

The year that disappeared most of subsidies on the pretext of improving rates and an increase in the quality, 2012 was also characterized by the entry into force of the portability on 1 day in addition to increase offerings packaged including fixed broadband under a single share that helped to encourage competition between operators.

Evolution of the net balance on portability

In 2012 the Mobile portability reached 5.2 million allowing change of operator holding the number with an average 435,000 portability per month, somewhat lower than the record year of 5.6 million of portability.

Movistar and Vodafone both recorded a net loss of 1.542.323 covers lines while Telstra and MVNOs all won 1.149.247 lines. Orange was the only historical operator who managed a net profit of lines covers adding 393.076 lines.

90% of lines shifted operator in the last twelve months remained while numbering than the remaining 10% chose a new number, the main reason being the search for cheaper bills while one in three wanted to change mobile Although dissatisfaction with service or customer service also played an important role.

Evolution of the average income per minute

The ever-increasing competitive environment and both the Community regulation of roaming rates and the regulation of rates for interconnection by the CMT has helped reduce more than half price means the minute in the past 10 years, placing it in 11.2 cents per minute on calls with national destination.

Market share evolution

The number of mobile lines dropped for the first time in Spain (- 1.9 million lines) by placing lines Park 50.7 million (not including M2M or datacards), down 3.7% in 2011. The segment of prepaid was that caused this fall, with a decline of 2.6 million lines respect to the previous year while the post-paid segment recorded an increase of 629.659 lines. In the business segment, the lines in service increased by almost 210,000 throughout the year.

Mobile Internet as a main engine of growth

Mobile Broadband became the engine of the telecommunications sector in 2012 since it was the only business segment that managed to increase its turnover by 29% more than in the previous year to reach a 54% penetration.

The majority of these subscriptions (22.4 million) were made through smartphones, representing an increase of 7.7 million with respect to 2011, while exclusive data with USB or tablet connections stood at 2.5 million, implying a decrease of 25.6%.

Data revenues grew 29% in the year and accounted for 9.5% of the total invoice in the sector services. Total traffic consumed was 97.236,6 terabytes, 7.3% higher than the traffic registered during the previous year.


The descent by income doubled the fall suffered in 2011, to 9.504,5 million, 15.9% less due mainly to the lower turnover voice and messaging services but also to decreased traffic.

Voice and SMS services recorded a decline in their income of 14.4% and 37.5%, respectively-thanks also to that flat rates already represent 30% of total revenues from voice traffic service.

Declining voice traffic

For the first time since the start of the mobile phone, voice traffic decreased 2.9% compared to the previous year. However, contrary to what happened with the Park lines, has been the segment postpaid which has registered a fall of traffic (5%), while it increased by 10.8% in the prepaid segment. This increase in traffic is concentrated mainly on the set of the OMV.

The inside the same network traffic decreased by 5%, This represents a fall clearly higher than the registered in the traffic occurred between different mobile communications networks (off-net traffic), which was only 1.7%. Bound calls to national fixed network traffic increased 4.3% compared to the previous year.

In roaming the volume of minutes also decreased 20.7% while international calls from Spain increased 18.5% encouraged especially by the OMV specialized in this type of calls.

More than 60% of lines in MVNOs are prepaid


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