Galaxy S6 Preferred in Test Photos But Surprises with Wiko Pure

Friday you have proposed a photographic comparison between smartphone | Photographic Comparison between 5 smartphone not known: vote and decide the best |. Not a scientific test or particularly complex as others we have done previously with our analyses and considerations, but a simple and immediate comparison to arouse your curiosity and with some of the protagonists. As you may have noticed, we haven’t said which phones they took the photos but today we say the phones featured in the poll.

The galleries were all ordered in the same manner and in the order we have:

  • LG G4
  • Nexus 5Android M with Google
  • Note 4
  • Wiko Pure
  • Galaxy S6

Although we reiterate that the test is intended to evaluate the real potential of a smartphone (not been researched the best pose and were not used manual settings) but the Visual effect of the tip and shooting in good light (showing to his friend the pictures on your phone or PC), the results were quite specific. Selected phones were selected as fact 4 is considered among the best in the 2014 in photos, Galaxy S6 and most interesting smartphone LG G4 are the two currently available in photography, Also is a classic camera range Average Wiko from 8 Megapixels but is more thin and light smartphone to date submitted and Nexus 5 is what “odd” by adding an extra element to the comparison but with Android M.

lthough the results were partly predictable and Galaxy S6 has emerged as the favorite in many polls (5 photos), it’s really funny to notice how LG G4 virtually never gets chosen and his best position is in third place with a significant distance still from the first two devices.

Note 4 is a close second place multiple times confirming the goodness of 16 megapixel sensor Phablet. Surprising result to Wiko as well that, in addition to being selected as preferred in 2 galleries, is a product belonging to a band clearly inferior to other devices and, more importantly, has a limited given the thickness of only 5.1 mm with non-protruding camera (it is also the only group with KitKat 4.4.4).

Closes the ranking Nexus 5 which, used with Android M, is confirmed as not being a phone from “picture perfect”.

Note: the sequence of the dog was not considered in the results above

Below the images in real size:

Note: the images all have auto focus, meaning that it has not been done any tap on the display or on the element but the fire was handled automatically from your smartphone with some differences that you see below.