Gmail Already Tea Leaves Paste Texts and Images Formatted

Google is working to make increasingly less need a computer to work and you can do more with Android applications. We have seen that especially these last months with updates of Google Drive, Sheets and Docs, and now it’s the turn of Gmail.

6.11 Gmail version includes only an improvement, but very important: now possible copy and paste text fragments that keep the source formatting, including images. So far if you did this Gmail for Android hit it as plain text, eliminating any image, bold, italics, and other.

Welcome to the 21st century, Gmail for Android

Timidly Gmail for Android has been gaining functions to match the web version. We have not yet reached that point, truth, but rather what we are approaching. For example, the text box to compose a message makes time that left aside the plain text and allows you to add bold, italics, underlines, and colors, but when you paste text, It remained sticking as plain text.

This changes with the latest version, which finally maintains the formatting of text, even if includes images. This is, in fact, the only way to create messages that include embedded images in the own message. Gmail itself always include them as attachments in place.

This improvement is besides a double-edged weapon. You will stick with format, the result can sometimes be a major battering, with different font, size, or color to the rest of the mail, and fix it can be quite complicated in mobile. In any case, always you can select all the text, touch format and finally touch the button of the Crossed t, that removes the text format but it keeps images and headlines.

Gmailvaria according to the device

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